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What are End to End Encryption and Problems with it?

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Suppose you are sending a message to your friend and want the message to be encrypted. You tell him that you will send him some numbers and these numbers will be the index numbers of English alphabets. He will have to match the numbers against the index numbers and decrypt the hidden message. Suppose you want to write come home.

Microsoft VS Code – A Free and Cross-Platform Code Editor

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If there is one thing a developer can ever ask for is a good code editor for the love of God. I have tried at the very least 30 or more code editors and felt incomplete somewhere or the other. Being very honest I pretty had fallen in love with sublime but then I had to pay for it and I was just not up for it since we had atom from GitHub that was more or less similar.

How to Implement Login Functionality to a Website

How to Implement Login Functionality to a Website 1

Today’s topic is about implementing login functionality. I remember the time when I had just learned basic PHP and I was trying to create a basic website. I had everything else figured out except for one thing. Login Functionality I…

Can people in IT solve any Technical problem?

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Being a web developer, I spend major parts of the day glued to my computer screen. For some reason, this makes people think I know everything in the world about computers and technology. This leads to my family and friends…

Here Is Why I Finally Switched To Firefox

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However, a few weeks back I was on a system with Firefox pre-installed and I was too lazy to install Chrome. So I ended up using Firefox for a few days and haven’t switched back till date. I have found some good reasons that Firefox has worked for me as my default browser and it might as well for you.

How to Avoid Windows Additional Partitions

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Learn how to prevent the creation of unnecessary Windows additional partitions and optimize your system’s storage. Follow our informative guide to reclaim valuable disk space and streamline your Windows experience. 1. Understanding Windows Additional Partitions Before we delve into the…

Are the New GTX 1050 3GB GPUs Really Worth it?

Are the New GTX 1050 3GB GPUs Really Worth it Featured Image

Today’s topic is GTX 1050. Earlier this year Nvidia announced another graphics card in their densely populated line-up of GTX 1000 series. This was the Nvidia GTX GeForce 1050 3GB variant which is supposedly faster than a usual GTX 1050…