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The Top 10 Indian Technical Youtube Channels

The Top 10 Indian Technical Youtube Channels

India has been a big market for tech in the past couple of years. With a population of 1.28 Billion and counting, India has its specific needs when it comes to technology. Also, we need specialists to explain that to the people. We need Tech-Reviews,

How to Setup OK Google

How To Setup OK Google

Google has its own voice command system to make your life easier and it is very famously known as Ok Google. That is the voice command needed to activate its listening feature. Once activated Google will perform whatever task you tell it to. So let’s

The Best Free FPS Games For Android

The Best Free FPS Games For Android

With the ever shining genre of First Person Shooters making it Huge in the PC market, game studios have brought the best of FPS action to people’s mobile devices. Here I present to you my best picks for the Free FPS games on Android.

rams biggest misconceptions

Android RAMs – Biggest Misconceptions

Android Rams have always been a hot topic for consumers and companies ever since the inception of smartphones. Brands have manipulated android users into the more the merrier scheme and given out a lot of incorrect information about RAMs. So let us have a look

Smartphone Batteries – Myths And Tips

Batteries, the juice that runs our phones. Like every good thing it will wear off in time, it needs to take care of. But many tech experts in our immediate vicinity often give us to-dos and best practices to maintain a good battery health but

best free password managers

The Best Free Password Managers

In an age of cyber threats, every website and service wants to protect its users from being hacked. They are extremely particular about you choosing a strong and unique password so that your privacy doesn’t get compromised at all. But with the given number of

Windows command line diskpart

Make Windows Bootable USB in CMD

If you have ever created a bootable USB for Windows, you know the pain of the additional software you need to download and the time needed for the whole process. So in this article, let us quickly learn how to make a bootable Windows USB drive

OnionShare - Share Files Anonymously

OnionShare – Share Files Anonymously

In this Digital World, we share our media, documents, important files via the Internet using different cloud storage like Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive and many more. But every cloud storage comes with two major problems, one is the Size and the other Security. After getting