What is Interface in C#?

When studying abstraction, we came to know it can be achieved by Abstract Class, Abstract Method, and Interface in C#. Those who have read my previous

What is Apple M1 Chip?

Apple M1 chip is the latest processor revealed by Apple. Earlier Apple used to buy processors for its Macbook from Intel Corporation. Apple and Intel

What is Abstraction in OOPs?

What is Abstraction in OOPs is an important question in programming. When you start learning a programming language nowadays. You realize that you will

What is Encapsulation in OOPS?

What is encapsulation in OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) is a very common question asked by new programmers. The answer to this question is very easy

Method Overloading in C#

Method Overloading is required when you have a class and you want that class to perform some tasks in different ways. For example, Method overloading is

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