Can a Programmers Fix my Computer? Is It Required?

Can a Programmers Fix my Computer? Is It Required?

Can a programmer really fix my computer? More importantly, Is it required? This question has always been a hot topic for debate. With a good number of supporters on both sides having strong reasons for choosing either ideology.


What’s the Matter

A brief introduction for those of us who don’t know about this. So a big chunk of society often just assume that all people who work with computers can troubleshoot and fix them as well. While this might be true for Desktop Engineers, Sys-Admins, or people in Tech-Support, The same cannot be said about programmers. So a lot of programmers are often mocked or looked down on for not being able to troubleshoot and fix issues related to computers.

The Solution

The solution is. Well, not so easy to determine. There are many factors to consider before jumping to a conclusion. Let us look at both the questions and analyze them carefully.

Can Programmers Fix my Computer?

Well, some of them can and some of them cannot. Many programmers have usually been generally fond of computers for several years before they started programming. So they have fixed their own computers. They are all tech geeks and have good experience with troubleshooting computers when they are having problems. They can format hard drives, install operating systems, install/uninstall setups for various development environments, etc.
But there are also some of them who may not be so good with the same. I have known a few really good programmers who couldn’t even install an operating system. This has nothing to do with their programming ability. Programmers are required to solve problems by writing code, using logic and math. Whereas when we talk about fixing computers it is more of a thing that you either need to follow instructions and need to have previous experience with the problem you are fixing.

The process of solving problems in programming and fixing a general computer issue is very different. So we shouldn’t judge them by that. Now moving on to the more important question.

Is It Required?

No, Why should a programmer be able to fix a computer. Their job is to write code. A similar example would be that of a pilot not being able to repair an airplane. Though if a programmer was able to fix a computer, it would be an added advantage for him.


Programmers are not guys from tech support. They write code. Some programmers are really good at fixing general issues with computers because they have spent significant time doing so in the past. But there is no rule of thumb that every programmer is able to fix broken computer systems.

These were some of our views regarding the matter if you have anything to add please let us know in the comment section below. In case if you are a programmer, you can read this article for the best websites.

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