Here Is Why I Finally Switched To Firefox

Here Is Why I Finally Switched To Firefox

Today I want to share the reason why I Switched To Firefox. The web browser market is an active war zone. You never know what can happen next. I am a guy who has always used Chrome. I’d never even bother using anything else. The first thing that I’d ever do on a new system is to install Google Chrome.

Switched To Firefox

I would say I actively avoided even having to use anything else. I do install Firefox and opera but they are always used for separating my personal and work environment.


However, a few weeks back I was on a system with Firefox pre-installed and I was too lazy to install Chrome. So I ended up using Firefox for a few days and haven’t switched back till date. I have found some good reasons that Firefox has worked for me as my default browser and it might as well for you.

The UI is lag free

firefox tabs google doc linux

Here I am talking about the new Firefox Quantum versions. The new interface has been touched by elegance and there is a sense of fluidity. The Chrome fan that I was, I didn’t like the tab appearance initially but I got adjusted and now it is just perfect.

Availability of Tools you need

Firefox has tools that you will need or use on a regular basis. It has support for features including bookmarking, saving to pocket, sending an open tab to your smartphone and even taking screenshots of custom elements on a webpage. Some of these features are available in other browsers as well, but their integration is not so tight.

Extending is easy

install firefox addons

Extending Firefox with plugins and themes works great. Now, this may not seem a valid point to some, but most of the plugins in Firefox do what they are supposed to. It has a rich market for free plugins and extensions with the only equal competitor being Chrome. But a major issue with Chrome is that most of the extensions are malware. Firefox does a lot better in that area.

Development Tools

Firefox Loves Developers. And this is the reason that there are many features that target web developers. Apart from the general debugging and inspection tools, Firefox has an interesting responsive design mode with several virtual device models like the I-Phone and the Nexus.

responsive firefox

Also, as all developers can relate to the fact that google chrome acts more as an enemy than a friend. From a developer’s perspective, the caching is so bad, it hinders your work. Firefox, however, is a lot smarter in that sense. I have had chrome hang up the computer on pages with infinite loops. But Firefox has handled them with ease reporting about such problems preventing system hangups.


I had been so blinded by using Chrome that I never had the time to look at Firefox. But now that I have used it for some weeks, I can say that it has solved all the problems that I had with Chrome.

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