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Introduction to Laravel – Beginner Series

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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for developing web applications a lot faster and easier. I hope you’ve already worked with PHP and know how the stuff work. You need to take care of everything yourself including database connections, securing database queries before hitting the server database or develop your own functions to handle certain tasks in your application.

What is a Load Balancer | Load Balancing Explained

When we see websites, we see a single server responding to requests from various users. Which is very much true for most websites. But some websites receive a lot of incoming traffic. They are serving hundreds of thousands of users at any given moment, These kinds of websites cannot be served from a single server, no matter how powerful it is. This is where Load Balancing comes into the picture.

Introduction to Java and History of Java

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Introduction to Java Introduction to Java. As you can understand with the title “Introduction to Java”, the article is about Java Programming Language. This article will be very short and the information will be very relevant so that you can…