CleanMyMac X - A Perfect Evolution Of Ideal Tool To Manage Mac Resources

For a whole decade, CleanMyMac has managed to become a must for many users of macOS. If we describe this tool in the simplest possible way it is a cleaning utility, one that over time has evolved to offer much more than that.

CleanMyMac X is the latest version that you can use from macOS 10.10 to the latest version, and one that comes loaded with new features, because now you can do things like remove malware or update your apps. We have tried it for a while to compare with the previous version and tell you if it is worth paying for it.

cleanmymacx for mac

An envoy from heaven for MacBooks with little space and memory

Personally, I had been using CleanMyMac 3 for almost a year, when I got a MacBook Air of just 128 GB it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to use a tool that helped me manage space in a simple way and from CleanMyMac I always heard the good result.

To my pleasant surprise, I found an extremely efficient utility, not only when it comes to keeping my disk free of trash, but when it comes to helping me recover RAM. If you have a Mac with only 8 GB or less and you happen to use something like Chrome, CleanMyMac is literally a heaven sent.

cleanmymacx smart scan

If you get to feel that the Mac is not going as fast as it should, it’s just a matter of pressing a CleanMyMac button from the indicator panel and you’re done. It is instantaneous and you can always be monitoring from that indicator how your consumption of resources is going without having to open the Activity Monitor and dig between processes and processes that kill.

CleanMyMac X is the perfect companion that can always free up a little more space and memory for you

With CleanMyMac X that management and optimization of resources are even better, now you have new tools to locate and close hung applications, control what you have running and also manage the apps that run when you log in.

cmm login items

Something I love about these optimization tools is that you split the startup applications and the “Launch Agents”, that is, those small auxiliary applications of other products that also consume resources and that are sometimes worth deactivating.

There they also show you high consumption processes and hung applications. And you also have a search engine in case you come to “kill” something specific.

Novice-proof maintenance

cmm uninstaller app

In maintenance functions you have multiple options, the first and my favorite is to free RAM, it just works, it’s not an illusion. Then you have maintenance scripts, DNS cache cleaning, launch services reconstruction, etc.

All these utilities are used to do things like improve the speed of your Mac, maintain optimal performance every day, solve network problems, solve problems with file type icons, optimize Spotlight, etc.

If you have a problem with your Mac, it is likely that in a section of CleanMyMac X you will find the solution

The best of all is that CleanMyMac X explains to you exactly what each thing is for when you should use it if you have specific problems, and they also recommend you how often it is ideal to run each one.

cmm smart cleanup

Accessible is the adjective that best describes this app, only at the start you can carry out the intelligent analysis that once tells you what maintenance tasks your Mac needs. It is totally and absolutely novice proof.

And despite this, if you want more information they also offer you details about everything so you know what you are always doing.

The perfect garbage disposal for Mac

Of course, a cleaning app must have its strongest just in that. Removing garbage is the main objective of this app, and now it not only eliminates useless things but potentially harmful ones.

cmm Malware Removal

CleanMyMac X has the usual tools: remove garbage from the system, from Photos, from Mail, from iTunes, and from the paper. We still have the search engine of large and old files to free space, the shredder that serves to delete data safely, and the uninstaller of apps that usually remove all traces of installed programs more efficiently than if we only delete the app from the list in the Finder.

Update apps that are not in the Mac App Store is much better with CleanMyMac X

However, now we have a couple of additional options. The elimination of malware that allows us to detect any type of vulnerability on the Mac, although it suffers from many fewer threats than Windows, does exist and is not a myth.

And, we also have a new update manager for our apps. This is another feature that I also love because more than half of my favorite apps are not in the Mac App Store, and now when they have a new version I can know the news directly from CleanMyMac X and decide whether to update.

Everything good has a price

CleanMyMac X is an excellent improvement based on a product that was already quite robust to start with. It is an app full of useful tools, easy to use, and also has a dream design, something that for many is important.

But all these things are not free, in fact, for many can be quite expensive. The annual subscription to CleanMyMac X costs € 39.95, or you have the option to buy a lifetime license for € 89.95 and it only works on a Mac.

CleanMyMac X is worth what it costs, but it will not fit everyone’s budget

clearmymacx for mac os x

If you buy licenses for more devices you get some discounts, and if you already have an earlier version of the program, you can upgrade to CleanMyMac X with 50% discount. There is also the option to subscribe to services like Setapp that include this and dozens of more premium apps for Mac for less than 10 euros per month. In any case, there is a free trial period of 14 days.


CleanMyMac X is worth what it costs, but in the end, the decision to pay will depend on your needs and if it fits into your apps budget, after all, every time we use more apps and services and everyone wants to switch to the subscription model. We’re going to start needing another salary just to pay for subscriptions.

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