Supscrib Receive All Newsletters At One Place And Free Up Your Email

Supscrib Receive All Newsletters At One Place And Free Up Your Email

Today’s article is about Supscrib. One of the things that I usually accumulate in my inbox is bulletins and notifications from different sites, stores, or brands that I have voluntarily subscribed to, and of course, those who took my purchase or registration as an invitation to send me emails weekly.

And yet, despite the fact that some end up in the spam folder and in others I make the effort to eliminate the subscription forever and forever, there are others that really interest me. What they all have in common is that they get in the way of my mail tray. A good solution to this problem is Supscrib Just like wundermail.

supscribe NoMail
WunderMail, a Gmail desktop client optimized for Windows 10

Supscrib describes itself as “a new way to receive newsletters and messages”. What they offer is a platform to move all these types of emails to review in a special board spice.

A new anonymous email address for your subscriptions only

The service allows you to subscribe completely anonymously to a newsletter since they assign you a new email address @supscrib that only serves to receive newsletters and messages.

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In addition, newsletters are not automatically accepted, you have the option to block or reject their emails and add them to a blacklist. To use the service you can register with your Facebook, Google, or email account.

The only somewhat uncomfortable detail is that you have to manually move your subscriptions to the new email address assigned to you, and from there you can start managing your bulletins out of your inbox.


This is just about supscrib. The app also has some newsletter recommendations for brands, media, and services that may interest you and that you can activate or deactivate at your leisure, so it could be useful to discover something striking.

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