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Microsoft VS Code – A Free and Cross-Platform Code Editor

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If there is one thing a developer can ever ask for is a good code editor for the love of God. I have tried at the very least 30 or more code editors and felt incomplete somewhere or the other. Being very honest I pretty had fallen in love with sublime but then I had to pay for it and I was just not up for it since we had atom from GitHub that was more or less similar.

How to Implement Login Functionality to a Website

How to Implement Login Functionality to a Website 1

Today’s topic is about implementing login functionality. I remember the time when I had just learned basic PHP and I was trying to create a basic website. I had everything else figured out except for one thing. Login Functionality I…

The Top Nodejs web frameworks

NodeJs is one of the most in-demand skills when it comes to web development. You can build pretty much anything with raw node that you would with external libraries, However, this doesn’t mean ones should use them. Today in this…

What is a Technology Stack?

If you have any connection to the world of programming, chances are that you know what a technology stack is. Even if you don’t, you must have surely read or heard about some company using an XYZ stack for its…