Top 10 Torrent Sites Available to Use in 2021

Top 10 Torrent Sites Available to Use in 2021

Top 10 Torrent Sites. Torrents are something that has never lost popularity. The decentralized file transfer medium is used by a lot of people for sharing various types of files.


This Article was written in November 2018 and Updated in August 2019. Now this is updated again. Most of the torrent search engines stop working after sometimes, this is why we keep on checking and updating the article time to time.

Top 10 Torrent Sites

Torrent sites are websites where one can find a listing of such torrents. Since these sites are also home to torrents that might share pirated content, their existence is always in danger. So as of writing this article in Q3, 2018, let us see the top 10 torrent sites.

1 – The Pirate Bay (Updated URL and Working)

Pirate Bay was and still remains the most famous torrent site to date. It has a lot of proxy sites that you can check from .

2 – Kickass torrents (UpdatedURL and Working)

Kickass has been my personal favorite since it is particularly famous among Indian users. The website has had several domain changes from to the current

3 – 1337 (Updated URL and Working)

1337 is an old player and it was particularly famous for pirated software some time back but the site also houses other content such as music and movies.

4 – TamilRockers (Inactive)

If you are a fan of Indian movies or foreign movies dubbed in Hindi, TamilRockers is for you. The Indian website has been blocked by many service providers but is still accessible.

5 – Hon3yHD (Unstable)

Similar to TamilRockers, Hon3yHd is also famous for its collection of Indian movies and TV shows. You also get the first-day copy of various Bollywood movies in pretty good quality.

6 – Yify Torrents (Unstable)

Yify has been the gold standard for Blu-Ray movies for over 5 years now. They keep shifting domains almost every year. Yify is more of a brand than a site and you will often see yify postings on other sites as well.

7 – Sky Torrents (Still Working)

Sky torrents is a huge collection of torrents from around the world accessible via a clean interface. I personally like this website for its minimalistic UI.

8 – TorrentDay (Working)

Torrent Day is another site built upon a strong community. This site has strict rules about seed to leech ratio and works only on an invite basis. The site offers extreme torrenting since it has a strong seed requirement.

9 – SeedPeer (Inactive)

Another site with users from around the globe. You can find almost any content such as apps, movies, music, etc.

10 – Torrentz (Updated and Working)

Torrentz is actually a search engine for torrents from hundreds of torrent sites. If a torrent exists for something, you have a maximum probability of finding it here. These were some of the top 10 torrent sites. Most of these may not even exist in the future or get redirected to another URL. If I missed any of your favorites, do let me know in the comments section.

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