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Adding Swap Space in Windows | Increase Windows paging size

One of the best reasons people prefer to use Linux is because it works well in low resource environments. I always create a swap partition from my hard drive when I am on a device with low memory. However, Windows...

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How to Avoid Windows additional partitions

Alert: This article is only for control freaks like me who do not like any unwanted partitions on their hard drive. Most of you would even consider this as an idiot’s guide to setting a windows system. But for people...

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List Of Default Software I Use On Windows

The Software market is high. It is not like the olden days when all you had were a handful of choices. Today you have more than a dozen of software that could do the same job for you. I have...

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How To Sync Time Between Linux And Windows Dual Boot

Dual Booting has become very common among people trying out different Linux Distributions while still keeping their windows system. This has become extremely popular since it is so easy to do. However, one big problem with dual booting is the Time....

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Make Windows Bootable USB in CMD

If you have ever created a bootable USB for Windows, you know the pain of the additional software you need to download and the time needed for the whole process. So in this article, let us quickly learn how to make...

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Why Is Windows Installed On C Drive?

For once in your life you must have had the question, Why is Windows installed on the C drive? What is so special about the letter C. Why did  Microsoft choose it over other letters and break the sequence when they...

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