Make Windows Bootable USB in CMD

If you have ever created a bootable USB for Windows, you know the pain of the additional software you need to download and the time needed for the whole process. So in this article, let us quickly learn how to make a bootable Windows USB drive with Command Prompt.

Step 1

Open CMD and type diskpart.
windows command prompt

Step 2

A new diskpart window pops up, type list disk to list the available drives.
list disk
diskpart cmd list disk

Step 3

Select the drive that you just inserted. It should probably be the last one on the list. Check the size to verify.
select disk 1
select disk in diskpart

Step 4

Clean the drive, This will format any data on the drive.
clean/format usb using diskpart

Step 5

Now create a primary partition.
create partition primary
create primary partition diskpart

Step 6

Format that partition as NTFS with the following command.
format fs=ntfs quick
format usb partition as ntfs diskpart

Step 6

Mark that partition as active simply by typing active and hitting enter.
activate usb partition diskpart

Step 7

Open up the folder which has your windows iso and then extract it to the drive that you just created bootable. In my case it is E.
extract Windows iso to usb
And that’s it! Once the extraction completes, you’re ready to use your Windows Bootable USB.


You do not need any software to create a bootable Windows USB. It can be done very much with Command Prompt using diskpart. In my opinion, it is relatively faster than using other GUI based software.
I hope you liked the article. Any doubts or suggestions, feel free to comment them down and I’ll be there for you.

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