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What is a Load Balancer | Load Balancing Explained

When we see websites, we see a single server responding to requests from various users. Which is very much true for most websites. But some websites receive a lot of incoming traffic. They are serving hundreds of thousands of users at any given moment, These kinds of websites cannot be served from a single server, no matter how powerful it is. This is where Load Balancing comes into the picture.

Sinkholing Botnets-Explained

Sinkholing Botnets Featured Image

Sinkholing Botnets In this article, I will explain What is Sinkholing Botnets. A DNS Sinkhole is also known as Sinkhole Server, Internet Sinkhole, Blackhole DNS.Before we talk about Sinkholing Botnets we need to understand Botnet. A botnet is made up of…