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What is a Load Balancer | Load Balancing Explained

When we see websites, we see a single server responding to requests from various users. Which is very much true for most websites. But some websites receive a lot of incoming traffic. They are serving hundreds of thousands of users at any given moment, These kinds of websites cannot be served from a single server, no matter how powerful it is. This is where Load Balancing comes into the picture.

Top 5 Smartphones of 2018 So Far

Top 5 Smartphones of 2018 So Far Featured Image

So half of 2018 has passed by and we know that there are people looking to buy a new smartphone. You might not wanna wait for the next few months because that’s all you’ve been doing for the last couple…

What is HTTP Caching and How Does it Work?

What is HTTP Caching Featured Image

HTTP Caching is the solution that we need. The modern-day web is less about who makes the best service, and more about who delivers it efficiently. With the content available on the internet expanding on an exponential basis, the amount…

Sinkholing Botnets-Explained

Sinkholing Botnets Featured Image

Sinkholing Botnets In this article, I will explain What is Sinkholing Botnets. A DNS Sinkhole is also known as Sinkhole Server, Internet Sinkhole, Blackhole DNS.Before we talk about Sinkholing Botnets we need to understand Botnet. A botnet is made up of…