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Here Is Why I Finally Switched To Firefox

However, a few weeks back I was on a system with Firefox pre-installed and I was too lazy to install Chrome. So I ended up using Firefox for a few days and haven’t switched back till date. I have found some good reasons that Firefox has worked for

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The Story Behind Google Chrome’s Dinosaur Game

Almost everyone has played the classic dinosaur running game in Google Chrome, people have been developing dinosaur games for years but this one is from Google. For those of you who haven’t, here is a short introduction. (more…)

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Chrome 64 Released With Stronger Pop-up Blocker, Spectre Mitigations And Other Security Fixes

Yesterday Chrome 64 released with much awaited features and some security patches. Chrome is used by more than a billion users around the globe. Taking this in mind, chrome has implemented a stronger pop-up blocker. This new update has also patched...

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