Major Reasons I Hate Whats App

Whats app is considered as the most elite form of communication of this century. Or at least that’s what 99% of the people using it feels. For some reason, I happen to be one of those outcasts who just doesn’t understand what this application is trying to do and why is it even trying so hard.
No matter how hard I try to live a life without having to open this little piece of crap, I just can’t do it. The reason is pretty simple – everybody is using Whats App, so I have to use it as well. Now since I have established how much I hate it, let me give you a few valid reasons so that I can convince you to join my bandwagon as well.

1 – It’s Slow

whatsapp is slow

I am not sure if all of you can relate to this, but I have snappy fingers. So I type really fast. Not just me but most people today are extremely quick with their phones. And at times I have found that Whats App is just unable to comprehend the number of actions flowing in per second. Some would say it has something to do with the animation’s speeds but I strongly disagree. What’s App is not for quick people, Let us all accept it.

2 – Whats app Web

whats app web

Oh boy, what do I say about this amazing feat of technology?  So this thing called WhatsApp Web which probably took more research and money into making that the first manned mission to Mars(Just kidding that’s a figure of speech).

So You open your browser and you visit and you are told to scan a QR code that will allow you to use WhatsApp from your browser, except. It’s a thinned down version of the original WhatsApp which didn’t offer any features in the first place to even be worth thinning down at all. And you can send and receive WhatsApp texts till your phone is connected, as soon as it goes offline, your connection to WhatsApp from the browser is closed.

My question is – Why the f**k on our earth are you even calling it WhatsApp
web when it actually only works as a front-end to the already running WhatsApp on my device.

3 – The Desktop App

If you thought Whats App web was dumb, you might wanna look into WhatsApp’s Desktop app. So you already know how WhatsApp web works. It’s the same bloody thing, packed in a Desktop container to behave like a normal software having its own window. Nothing new at all, it disconnects the moment your phone disconnects, and you are left with that heavy unused waste of binary 1’s and 0’s lying in your system eating up your storage and causing minimal but some amount of lag in the overall system performance.

4 – The Revoke Feature

whats app deleted chat message

One of the biggest disappointments I have ever come across other than the Justice League movie is WhatsApp’s message revoke feature. I for once was very enthusiastic about the feature when it was initially launched and had a limit of 3 minutes to revoke a message and which was extended to an hour.

The problem with this feature is that WhatsApp doesn’t revoke or delete messages at all. It just sets a revoke flag to that message which tells the WhatsApp application on other people’s devices to hide that message. So the message is still there on everyone’s devices and with a few simple mods, you can easily see any revoked message. I personally use a modded version of WhatsApp and I cannot only see revoked messages but the WhatsApp story statuses that have been revoked are also always available at my disposal due to the same limitations in WhatsApp.

To be honest, it’s not an issue with the app, this is a weakness with the core concept of WhatsApp itself. As WhatsApp is not server-based, once a message is sent to the other person, there is not much WhatsApp can do. about it

5 – The Backups

whats app chat backup

There have been smart decisions, there have some even smarter decisions and then there was this decision that WhatsApp made about its backups. The decision was to allow google drive backups. WhatsApp automatically creates your daily chat backup every night and it is stored in an encrypted crypt12 file(As of 2018 May). This does not include media, it is just for your text-based chats. Since media files are in the respective folders.

But WhatsApp’s Google Drive backup creates a backup of all your chats and media. Just imagine one storing all of those memes and viral videos in their Google Drive storage, What a waste. Yes surely some people exchange useful images via WhatsApp but most of the media on WhatsApp is just crap. I feel it could have surely been more helpful if there was an option to have only text backups. Every time I restore backups from google drive it takes a shit load of time to download the backup and I don’t even need most of it.

6 – Privacy Settings

whats app privacy setting

Last seen, double ticks, read receipts, who viewed my story and all such other privacy settings are just app enforced. From what I know, they do not have connections with the server since WhatsApp mods have features that can bypass those privacy settings. As I use a modded version of WhatsApp myself, I can assure you that I am able to hide my blue ticks, double ticks, story viewed statuses while still being able to see receipts of other people.


Whatsapp has some serious issues that make it really tough for people like me to use it. I have been using telegram for over 2 years now and most of my professional communication happens there. But I have to keep WhatsApp installed simply because other people are not willing to look into other apps. I suggest you also check my article on Top 10 Reasons I Switched to Telegram.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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