What is Magisk? Root Android Without Changing Partitions

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What is Magisk? If you are a hardcore android user who loves trying out the latest custom ROMs and mods, you must have surely faced a boot-loop. A condition in which your phone refuses to start because you messed up with your system. It is extremely disappointing and frustrating when you mess up your perfectly working device with a stupid mistake because you wanted an extra feature.


So you have 2 options:

  1. Live with it.
  2. Stop experimenting with your device.

None of these options are helpful. Lucky for us, there is a new thing called Magisk.

So What is Magisk?

magisk systemless root

Going by the official definition, Magisk is,
“The Universal Systemless Interface, to create an altered mask of the system without changing the system itself.”

In my Honest opinion, Magisk is the Best replacement for chainfire’s SuperSU. In simple terms, Magisk acts as a virtual mask for all your system modifications.

So when you are using Magisk, whatever modifications you want to make to your system, will pass through that virtual mask that will make the necessary changes in the boot partition, unlike SuperSU which directly modifies the system partition.

So What’s The Point? Why is it so better than SuperSU?

SuperSU was the de facto solution for rooting your device up until recently when most banking and other apps along with some games like Pokemon GO require google’s SafetyNet to be enabled for them to work. Now the problem here is that SafetyNet gets disabled on devices where the system partition has been modified. And as I already said, SuperSU makes changes to the system partition which in turn disables SafetyNet.

Whereas our new hero Magisk will give you root access without even touching the system partition.

Advantages of Magisk

magisk root systemlessly
  • You can hide Magisk Installation to make your device look like unrooted.
  • You can install many modules via Magisk.
  • Xposed framework – The King of all mods, is available to install systemlesly with Magisk.
  • In Case Something Goes wrong or your device goes into boot-loop, you can just revert all changes done by Magisk by flashing the Magisk Uninstaller.
  • Almost All New Custom Roms have Magisk as the default Root access manager.
magisk and superuser root app

Disadvantages of Magisk

  • All modules have to be made Magisk compatible for them to work.
  • Some Older Roms may not support Magisk.

Magisk looks like the thing that you would want to use.

So how do you install Magisk?

If you are using a custom ROM you probably already have it.
If you are on your stock ROM, Just Install TWRP for your device and flash the Magisk zip-file which you can download from here.
If you ever get into a boot-loop just flash the Magisk Uninstaller zip-file and everything will be back to how it was.


Magisk is not just the new SuperSU, it is much more than that. It gives you SuperUser access without even touching the system which means you can use everything that requires root and you can even hide the fact that you have root on your device.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail


  1. >unlike SuperSU which directly modifies the system partition
    That not true, systemless rooting is already an old feature of SuperSU.

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