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Free VPN. In a world where every company out there is stealing your data in the name of advertising, the best option to protect your privacy and identity is to be anonymous. Also, the recent past has seen several geographical regions being deprived of access to a particular website. Here comes VPN short for Virtual Private Network. A VPN cannot only allow access to blocked websites but also protect your identity while doing so.  So here in this article, let us have a look at the top free VPN of 2017.

1. Hide me

hide me free vpn for all platforms

Hide me has been one of the most trusted VPN providers. They believe in one-click methods and its VPN can be activated or deactivated with just one click from the native app for each platform. The Hide me application covers everything from routers to desktops to mobiles. However, if you wish to manually set it up, you can do that too.

Hide me offers 2 GB of bandwidth per month. But you can also upgrade to a higher bandwidth plan by paying some charges. You can get it here. The plans are as follows.

Price FREE$ 4.99$ 9.99
Limit2 GB75 GBUnlimited

2. Windscribe

windscribe free vpn for mobiles and pc

Windscribe offers up to 10 GB of free data bandwidth per month and has its servers set up in 8 different countries to handle that traffic. It also encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic to provide maximum security. Windscribe is a completely cross-platform VPN solution so apart from having apps for all platforms, it also has browser extensions for PC and even mobile devices.

Windscribe can also provide you with unlimited bandwidth on its premium plans. Here is the pricing table –

Price FREE$ 9/Mo$ 4.08/Mo
Limit10 GBUnlimitedUnlimited

3. TunnelBear

tunnlebear vpn service for pc and mobile

This one may not be the best choice for users looking for a free solution. TunnelBear offers only 500 MB of bandwidth per month free and for more bandwidth, you have to purchase a new plan.

Though it has servers in only 20 countries yet. It has been certified by security firms. Here are the plans.

Price FREE$ 9.99 /Mo$ 4.08/Mo
Limit500 MBUnlimitedUnlimited

Check out TunnelBear from their official website here.

4. ProtonVPN

protonvpn free vpn

ProtonVPN is the new entry in the market and has already created its own niche. The free plan offers you its services from 3 countries which is pretty good considering that there is no data cap on ProtonVPN. The speeds might be relatively slower than the premium plans but that is reasonable when you get unlimited bandwidth on 1 device. Try out ProtonVPN from this link.

Price FREE$ 4/Mo$ 8/Mo$ 24/Mo

6. Betternet

butternet vpn services

Betternet is hands down the best VPN solution that I have ever seen on the internet. It is 100% free and displays no ads and charges no fee whatsoever. Betternet has no bandwidth limit and you can use as much of this free VPN as you want. Last year when I was using Betternet their servers were slower may be due to traffic but as of writing this article, the speed difference between your original connection and Betternet is unnoticeable. They have worked well on their servers maybe. Since it does not require any authentication to set up, you can have it on as many devices as you can simultaneously.

Also, Betternet is cross platforms so you get all your devices covered with security. To get started with Betternet, Head over to their official website. If you ever wonder how they’re providing the VPN service for free, they’ve described it here.

As this article was written in 2017 and now it is year 2021. I have one more entry to add here.

7. Zenmate

Zenmate is a paid service but it also provides free service. I few countries you can use for free. It can be very useful for those looking for free VPN services. The service provides extensions for all sorts of browsers and software for all operating systems.


We saw some really cool and free VPN services that were all cross-platform and completely secure. I personally prefer and use Betternet since it is completely free and gives me great speed.

Did I miss out on any of your favorite ones, do let us know in the comment section below.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail


    • well, flen, hide me is from netherlands i guess and over the years freemiums have been subject to mixed response so while they’re good for minimal/occasional usage like getting around a region block, it’s better to either look for encryption within them or by going for something like ivacy or nord or pia… basically, any option with encryption and a killswitch so at least the anonymity doesn’t get compromised.

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