Introduction to Google Adwords

Introduction to Google Adwords
Introduction To Adwords

You may or may not be aware of Adwords, but you might have thought that how Google decides to show up Ads on its search page. Well if you have noticed Google shows two types of results which are “Google AdWords Ads (Also called Paid Ads) and Free Advertisements or shall we say Free listings. Free listings are also called Dynamic search results. Dynamic Search Ads are controlled by Search Engine Optimization which is not the subject of this article. So I will be explaining it some other day. Let’s talk about Google AdWords.

What is Google Adwords?

AdWords Signup
AdWords registration

Google AdWords is a platform of Google that can boost your business by showing your Ads in Google search results. When someone searches for the relevant keyword about your business. Let’s say you are a florist and you have a nice shop in the market or you work from your home, you are not really happy with the number of sales that you make every day. Well, you need Google AdWords in your life. It can make your life a whole lot easier.

You can create a Google AdWords account. All you need a Google email address and you can start. If you do not have one already so do not worry you can create instantly. Google Also understands and values the old email address that you love the most. You need to go to the sign-up page which is given above and press Start now. Look at the image underneath.

As soon as you will click on this button, you will be redirected to a page that will ask you for your email address which you already have, and your website. Please look at the website underneath.

If you do not have an email already to useGoogle AdWords. You need to create a new email address first. Be informed that you do not have to have a website to start with Google AdWords. You can also start with Google+ page and Facebook page. You can create a new page on either of these social media platforms and provide information about your product with the contact number and physical location of your business.

Please note – Contact number and physical location should be on your social media page or website to avoid disapproval of your Ads. 

I will be writing a new article on how to fill-up the form and create your first campaign in the next Article. Till then you can ask your questions in the comment box and I will be answering them. Good Bye!

As of the Year 2020 Latest Update – As this article was written in May 2016 and the name of Google Adwords has been changed and it is now Google Ads.

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