The Story Behind Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

dinosaur games
dinosaur games
chrome dinosaur game

Almost everyone has played the classic dinosaur running game in Google Chrome, people have been developing dinosaur games for years but this one is from Google. For those of you who haven’t, here is a short introduction. When there is no internet access on your computer, Google Chrome shows a screen like this.

There is a dinosaur over there. A T-Rex to be precise. If you hit the space bar at this time, the dinosaur game will begin, it is a simple game with easy gameplay. You need to dodge the cactus and birds coming from the right-hand side by using the jump(space key) and duck(down arrow).

As you dodge more and more obstacles, the gameplay gets faster and if you ever run into one, the game stops, and the current high score gets updated. So that was all you needed to know about the game, now coming to the gameplay.

Why is it Even There?

Developers working on Google Chrome found that users often get frustrated when the internet isn’t working. They decided to make a small time killing game for users to keep them occupied before the internet connection resume, Initially this was only available on Desktop, however, you can now play this on Android phones too.

Why a T-Rex Dinosaur?

So this is a frequently asked question. There are two main reasons cited as to why Google used a T-Rex.

Reason 1

dinosaur game outside google head quarter

The first reason for choosing a T-Rex was that a T-Rex has small hands. This signifies that due to small hands, The T-Rex is unable to reach the internet. Now you might be wondering that there are other animals who have smaller hands, but Google seems to be obsessed with dinosaurs. Here, look at a dinosaur bone replica made from a T-Rex’s fossils.

This model rests itself in google’s campus area. so the obsession with dinosaurs
seems evident.

Reason 2

Reason 2 doesn’t hold as much ground as the first one. This reason simply states that if you do not have access to the internet, you are probably living with the dinosaurs. Since the internet has become one of the most important needs, not having the internet means being cut off from the world and living as stone-age men.
So these were some things about the Classic T-Rex Dinosaur game on Google Chrome. For some more Google Easter eggs, you can read this article.

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