How To Host Your Own Blog Or Website With WordPress

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I’ve already written a post in which I described the difference between and If you have not yet read that post then read now the difference between and In this post, I’ll show you how to host your own blog or website with I’ll show you step by step from buying hosting to setting up WordPress on your hosting server. So let’s get started!
host your Blog or website with wordpress


If you are new to blogging and want to host your own WordPress blog then this is the right place to stay. Now it’s time to setup WordPress on your own hosting account. But before that let’s see briefly how WordPress works.
WordPress is a free and an easy to use CMS (Content Management Tool). In easy language, one of the best and easiest to use website/blog builders available.
Unlike other website builders, WordPress is self-hosted. You need to buy web hosting or web space somewhere else and host WordPress there to start website or blog.


  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Space
  • FTP Client, such as FileZilla

Domain Name

Domain name is the first thing that you should be getting in order to create a blog or website with WordPress. Like every location has an address, your website also has an address which is the domain name.
Getting domain name is as easy as creating an email id. You search whether the domain name you want is available, register that available domain name and it’s all done.
You can start from Hostgator that is world known and trusted for domain registration and hosting services.
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Web Hosting Or Web Space — For Hosting Blog Or Website With WordPress

The second step is to buy a web hosting. Buying web hosting is like buying a space in the hard disk of a server. Hosting does not cost much, it can start from a couple of dollars per month. Some of the best hosting services that I have used are Hostgator and GoDaddy. Both of these two hosting services have been trusted by millions of users across the globe and they have nice affordable plans for each and everyone.
Get hosting at Hostgator @just 1 CENT for first Month

Start Creating Your Blog Or Website With WordPress

After you have purchased domain name and hosting space, it’s time to start the process to hosting your own blog or website with WordPress.

1. Download WordPress

First of all, go to and download latest WordPress. Download WordPress archive and extract the archive.

2. Login Into Your cPanel

Most of the hosting companies provide cPanel which is a dashboard. From cPanel you can manage your account, create databases, create email accounts, points purchased domain to a specific hosting and install Web applications to your account.
Below is an example image for a cPanel.

GoDaddy cPanel
GoDaddy cPanel To Manage Account

3. Create User & Database For Your Website

From your cPanel, search for MySQL database and click it. There you’ll get options to create MySQL user & database.
When you’ve created user and database, you can add a user to the database you created. Different hosting companies’ cPanel will have similar options either at exact place or at different places.

4. Edit wp-config File

wp-config.php file is in the root WordPress directory that we extracted above. First of all, copy this file as backup and rename it to wp-config-backup.php. Now edit the original file as below.
edit wp-config.php
DB_HOST remain ‘localhost‘ in major hosting providers, so don’t change it.

4. Connect To The Database Through FTP Client For Uploading WordPress

The next step is to connect to the database using an FTP client, such as FileZilla. We’ll upload the  WordPress files that we extracted above in the first step. To connect to database through FTP client, you’ll need the following –

  • Host
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

GoDaddy, what we’re used in this tutorial has already set up an special FTP account, which require my domain name ( as Host and database name as Username and cPanel password to connect through FTP. But, it’s better to create a new FTP account and use it for uploading files to server.
FileZila FTP client
As you can see above I did not specify port. Mostly the port is 21 so FileZilla sets 21 as default port number if you don’t specify it.

Upload WordPress To Your Database

Now we’re all ready to go. Browse to the directory in the left of FileZilla where you extracted the WordPress archive and drag all the files and drop them into public_html folder on the right side of FileZilla. Now wait until the uploading gets finished.

Finish WordPress Installation

We have now setup WordPress in our database. Now let’s initiate WordPress final installation. To finish installation and create blog or website, goto replace with your domain name.

  • Select your language

host blog or website with WordPress

  • Enter database information

provide database info to wordpress

  • Now create site and username that you’ll use to login

create blog or website with wordpress

  • Congratulation! You’ve successfully created blog or website with WordPress

Wordpress login username and password

  • Now Goto to login into your WordPress dashboard

Login into WordPress blog or website

Did You Face Any Error?

Setting up WordPress is a lengthy, not difficult process and if you first read the whole process carefully then there won’t be any trouble. You may face some errors like the one below.
This error causes when user does not edit wp-config.php file correctly. If you are experiencing database connection error then double check the wp-config.php file.
found any database connection error
If you’re experiencing any other error let me know in the comment below.
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