FileZilla A Free FTP Client To Upload Files To Server Database

FileZilla free ftp client

Whether you are hosting WordPress on your own server or uploading files to your server database such as plugins, themes, etc. You are going to need an FTP client. FileZilla is the most popular, open-source, and free FTP client. It’s very easy to use and cross-platform. So you can use it on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

How To Use FileZilla, A Free FTP Client

FileZilla Free FTP client

FileZilla is available for all major platforms, so you can download and install it almost on any system you’re using currently. Download FileZilla Run FileZilla When you’ve installed it on your system. As you can see below the FileZilla screen is divided into many sections. On the top is where you need to enter your FTP account to connect to their database.

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Then below the FTP account section is a section where you can see the connection with the server that you are trying to connect. Once you’re connected, it will show you ‘Connected’. The next two sections are very useful. The left side section has all the local files & directories and the right side section has all the server files & directories. You can easily drag files & folders from the local computer and drop them into the server database.

The last section is where you can see the status of the files being uploaded or downloaded. You can see the Queued files, Failed transfers, and also the files that have been transferred successfully. All of the above sections make FileZilla easy to use the tool. You can easily upload files such as plugins, themes to your WordPress installation, and so on. There are other FTP clients but most users find FileZilla easier to use and also why to choose any paid when FileZilla is free.

If you’re using any other FTP client then do mention it in the comment section below and I’ll review it very soon.

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  1. someon says

    Dont use it – the program has been shipping with malware for quite some time now. Have a look at the sourceforge forums.

    1. Mohd Sohail says

      I think it’s SourceForge that has been doing something messy with projects that it’s hosting. Not the FileZilla has to do with whatever malware gets downloaded with FileZilla.

  2. Fawn Diddy says

    FTP has lots of security risks. Binfer is an easier way to transfer files. See Binfer as FTP alternative.

  3. Andessaint says

    I agree that Filezilla may be free, which is appealing to some, but it is definitely not safe.
    I use a product called WebDrive where I work. It’s much more robust and secure and lets me work with my remote files like they are right on my desktop. Really cool tool.

    1. Mohd Sohail says

      Could you please briefly tell me why FileZilla is not safe? I can then say something about it.
      I have downloaded the software you use. I’ll use it for some time and then will review it if it’s worth to use.

      1. Andessaint says

        Filezilla doesn’t support SFTP. The version of SSL that they are running has been vulnerable to the heartbleed bug for the past year and a half. They also store their passwords in plain text. Either of these alone is a serious security issue, but together it’s even worse. I prefer to use software from a company that stays on top of these issues.

        1. Mohd Sohail says

          FTP “client” what I talked about in the article, does support SFTP. They mention the support on top of their features page here. Yes FileZilla server is not SFTP supported which I was not talking about. But here is some info, I think since FileZilla 3.0 they don’t use OpenSSL but GnuTLS, so there is no heartbleed issue. Still there can be some versions vulnerable so for server you need to confirm whether your FileZilla version has heartbleed fix or not.

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