Google search console Re-Enables URL Indexing Tool

This is very rare in 2020 to get some good news. Finally, some good news is here from the Google search console. For those who are into blogging, they might be aware of Google Request Indexing Tool. This is a tool provided by Google to send the URL to Google Search Engine for indexing. If you think Google has not indexed your URL automatically then you can send the URL to Google using this tool. The tool was disabled on October 14, 2020. Google has disabled this feature on October 14 this year.

Google search console URL Indexing Tool is back

Google search console is disabled

The Google News came in the form of a Tweet yesterday 22 October 2020. At 11.04 AM from their Google Search Central Handle. They Tweeted that the tool is enabled again.

They also Tweeted that they have heard our feedback about this tool, they realized the developers, SEOs, and bloggers were missing it a lot that is why they have re-enabled it.

When Google disabled this tool, they said they are doing it to make some changes into the infrastructure. Google has been making changes to its policies. Recently Google made changes in they Google Drive Policies. In case you want to read about it, we have covered it in details. I hope Google keeps on listening to the feedback. G

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