Google Cloud Policy Change Update

Google Cloud Policy to be changed from June 1, 2021. Earlier, the Google platform users will be able to save unlimited photos in Google Photos. Android users might be very much aware of Google Photos and they enjoy the unlimited storage. Whenever they change their photos, they find the new photos in the Google photos application automatically. This was possible due to Google’s cloud policy. Recently Google has decided to make a move and change the policy slightly but this policy will make a significant impact on Android users. Let’s discuss the new Google Cloud policy below.

Google Cloud Policy

New Google Cloud Policy

Google has decided to limit the usage from Unlimited to just 15GB per user. The company used to compress photos and save them on its server. Google used to compress any image which is more than 16MP and all videos at 1080p resolution. This was done to save storage and provide users with an unlimited space facility. Google was the only company that used to provide unlimited storage. Its rivals Microsoft and Apple provide only 5GB of storage.

Those who are aware of Google’s products might be thinking about Google Drive. Google Drive is a different product and Google Photos is a service, especially used for photos. The drive was limited from the very beginning and is still limited. Google drive’s 15GB space is also shared with Google Mails service, which means every email that we receive in Google Mail takes space from 15GB.

The new Google Cloud policy is will impact Google Drive and Google Photos. Goole Drive, Google Photos, and Google Mails will now be sharing 15GB of space. The new policy will come into action on June 1z, 2021. We will have to take this decision wisely that which photos are good enough to take space on cloud storage.

What Will Happed to the Photos Already Saved in Google Photos

According to the New Google Cloud policy, Hundreds of GBs of photos that are already saved on Google photos will be saved forever, we don’t have to delete them. Those photos will be a complimentary gift from Google. But the new photos will be saved in 15GB space. Looks like good news for all of us because we have already saved thousands of photos that we don’t want to delete.

Caution for Inactive Users

According to the new policy, the users who don’t open Google Photos, Google Drive, or Gmail for more than 2 years. Their account will be deleted permanently. So In order to keep your data saved on Google’s server, we need to keep visiting once in two years.

Those who have left opening Google account. Please reset your passwords and open it.

Why is Google Doing it?

For those who are thinking Google is being hungry for money here. You are right they will be charging for extra space but let me give you some more information about Google’s expense to provide the unlimited facility.

With free storage Google was saving 4.3 Million GB of data on its cloud that consist of Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail data.

We took the unlimited storage for granted. With the powerful cameras in our cellphones, we have developed this habit of taking photos all the times. We all know that every photo that we take is not perfect and needs to be deleted to save the storage. We have stopped doing it. We take several pics and only a few of them are good enough that we upload on social media or share with our loved ones.

Keeping thousands of photos just because we have unlimited storage is an abuse of service. It is a burden on the company that is providing this service. I might sound like a Google representative here but this is my personal opinion it’s a bad practice.

Just like Google Facebook is also about to change its WhatsApp policy and thinking about its adverisement business through WhatsApp. Click on the link to read more.

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