How to Avoid Windows Additional Partitions

How to Avoid Windows Additional Partitions 1

Alert: This article is only for control freaks like me who do not like any unwanted partitions on their hard drive. Most of you would even consider this like an idiot’s guide to setting a windows system. But for people who wish to get rid of all the unwanted extra partition that windows creates, this is for you.

Ever since we have had UEFI, we require a separate partition for the EFI file and some other partitions that windows create for recovery, etc. You can clearly see how many partitions have been created and though each of them serves a purpose, I clearly don’t need it. So let’s see how we can avoid all of that.

Now, we will actually need 2 partitions at a minimum. An EFI partition and a partition to actually install windows. So the easiest way to do this is to first create an EFI partition and a windows partition manually.
When you are in the windows partitioning menu just hit shift+f10 or shift+fn+f10 and a command prompt will open up. Type indiskpart and diskpart utility will open up. The next steps will completely delete your partitions and destroy all of your existing data.

Step 1:

Type inlist disk. This will list all different disks connected.

Step 2:

How to Avoid Windows Additional Partitions 2

Type inSelect disk X. (X is 0 in my case). This will select your disk of choice.

Step 3:

You need to now type in clean (This will completely clean your drive and delete all data).

Step 4 :

Now you need to type in convert gpt to convert the disk to gpt.

Step 5 :
Type in
create partition efi size = 200 (This will create an EFI partition of 200 MB)

Once that is done we will create the partition for windows

Step 6 :

How to Avoid Windows Additional Partitions 3

So type in create partition primary size = 204800 (The size is in Megabytes and I want a 200GB partition). That’s it, you might want to click refresh to load the partitioning details again and then just install windows on the 200GB partition that you have created. Windows won’t create any additional partitions.

Above is the screenshot of my hard drive where you can see there is just one additional partition for EFI and everything else is pretty clean. (The 100 GB partition is my Linux system). So I guess we have successfully cracked on how to avoid the extra windows partitions, obviously this isn’t for everyone else and you must know what you are doing. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section and I’ll be there for you.

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