Android Games That Take A Lot Of Time To Finish

Android Games That Take A Lot Of Time To Finish

Most Android games can provide you with a few days of entertainment. Some casual games can be played for a few weeks before you get bored with them. However, the best games are the ones that take a really long time to finish. These games are challenging and follow a dynamic pattern. Let us have a look at some interesting games that take a long time to finish.

Android Games That Take A Lot Of Time To Finish

Some of my Favorite Android Games.

Clash of Clans

The evergreen strategy game that is responsible for my low marks in some exams. Clash of Clans is a strategy game that requires you to build your empire by mining various golds and elixir. These resources can be used to purchase new defenses and unlock soldiers with various powers. You can then attack other people’s castles and loot their resources.

Once you have upgraded everything you have, you can upgrade your town-hall. There are a total of 11 Townhalls as of now. The game takes a lot of time to complete and whenever someone is on the verge of reaching the last upgrade, they just add something new. Clash of clans is extremely addictive and fun to play, it will probably take you at least a year to even reach Townhall 10 under normal circumstances.

Candy Crush Saga

I know some of you hate this game. But honestly, this is one of the most interesting and mind challenging games. Once you are into it, Candy Crush will keep you on the edge always wanting for more levels. The game is about matching similar candies to eliminate all of them. There can be various types of objectives depending upon the level. Certain combinations of candies create special candies that can eliminate more candies when used together. This game has somewhere around 3000 levels in 30 episodes and this number keeps increasing.

I remember a  friend who had completed all levels some time back and they just added more levels to it. So if you are looking for a long time gaming experience, candy crush is the way to go.

Hay Day

Hay Day is a type of farming simulator. You get a farm for yourself. You can grow your crops, do some poultry work, and produce milk. Take care of your animals to produce a better output. All of your farm products can be either traded with neighbors (other users) or sold. This game has too much to it. Since the game is a simulator, there is no end to it. Every time you feel you have done everything in the game, it just adds more features.

Gangstar Vegas

The open-world game that you can play in the virtual city of Vegas. Gangstar Vegas is an amazing game where your character must perform various tasks. You can steal vehicles, kill people, and loot money. The game has a big map that includes boats and rivers. Most of the time you will find yourself just roaming around the city instead of performing your tasks. Keep performing tasks and earning money. Upgrade and buy weapons in this open-world thriller. The game does get updated but not very often. However, it can still provide you with a  couple of months of entertainment.

Boom Beach

So you have played Clash of Clans and you know how strategy games work. Boom Beach is no different. Defend your beach using various forms of defense artillery and mine for resources. Upgrade your artilleries using those resources. You can raid other beaches using your troops, these troops can also be upgraded using the resources. Headquarters is the town hall equivalent of this game and it needs to be upgraded to move ahead in the game. Following a game-play similar to other games, it gets upgraded every once in a while to keep users interested.

So these were some of the games that take a lot of time to finish. You can play these games over a period of months or even years. If you have some games like these that didn’t make it to the list, comment on them down below.Android games that take a lot of time to finish

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