Best Android Casual Games You Must Try

Best Android Casual Games. Who needs serious hours of game-play when you could spend your minutes waiting for the bus playing something casual. No commitments to make, No stories to follow. Just start the game and have some fun. Here we have made a list of the top Arcade Games that you must try.


Best Android Casual Games

Paper Toss

Paper toss brings real-life paper tossing to your smartphones. You are given a paper ball that you need to throw in the dustbin. There are many factors affecting your throw like the blowing wind. There are different sceneries like the office, restroom, Airport et. I found this game to be pretty well made and the physics of the paper tossing with the winds effect felt real.

Pinball Pro

Pinball Pro by Terran droid is a great game that tries to recreate the classic experience from the old pinball games. The graphics remind us very much of the old flashy pinball we have grown up playing. Also, there are quite a few layouts that you can choose from.

3D Bowling

3D bowling is a dead simple game with very quick gameplay. You bowl the bowling ball and try to hit as many skittles as you can. The game keeps it simple by offering you a few scenes but they do not affect the gameplay at all.

The Spearman

I have spent the entire September of 2017 playing this game and it is addictive. The purpose of the game is to hit the computer-generated stick-men with spears. The game doesn’t have much in the game-play with only a handful of power-ups and boosts, though the very initial idea itself keeps you addicted.

Pen Fight

The best game to play with a friend. Brings back your memories of pen fight from school. The game is pretty simple to play and the physics part is pretty well done. You do get to choose your pen/pencil and can even play on the computer(Though it beat me every time).

Can Knockdown

There are pyramids of cans waiting to be knocked down. Destroy structures of cans piled up to earn a high score. The game boasts that you won’t keep your phone down until your battery dies and that in fact happened with me.

Catapult King

Though it may seem like angry birds at first, Catapult Kind is a lot different. Takedown buildings, forts, even dragons by using your catapults. I remember playing a similar game called Penguin Catapult long back. This game is sure to keep you hooked to play it for hours.

Flappy Bird

Since the flappy bird was taken out of the play store, many clones emerged. Floppy Bird is one such clone and you can enjoy a pure flappy bird experience with it.
So these were some of our picks for the top Android casual games you must try. If I missed any of it, do let us know in the comments section below.

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