Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Released And Available On Sale In China

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Released And Available On Sale In China

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 available on sale
Hi Guys,
Here is a Good news from China. Xiaomi has launched a new Band of its Smart band series. The news has come from China that it is available to purchase in China from today and soon will be available in India. Hopefully, on 28th of June 2016. Xiaomi has done a tremendous work in healthcare. As we know this is a new field for Information Technology industry and all Information Technology Giants want to take the Advantage of people’s interest in this area.

Xiaomi released the first device which could track the steps and sleep and the best part was to provide this type of device in just $10 to $15. In their next release, they provided the same device with heart rate sensor. There have been some critics about the device that it can not measure the heart rate continuously while running or weight lifting but still it justifies the cost, it is just a $15 device. What can you ask more ?
Xiaomi Mi Band 2
I have been using this device for a couple of months and it works really well. Specially I see it is very good at tracking the sleep time. I find it very useful when travelling in public transport where it is very noisy and I can not listen to the phone ringing, it vibrates when I someone calls or messages. It can even give me notifications when third party apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. gets messages.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 With 0.42″ OLED touch screen

You must be thinking that Why I am explaining about the previous band when this post is all about the newly launched band from Xiaomi. Well, the reason is because the new device has the same features and same battery life. The Only change that it has is got a 0.42-inch OLED screen with touch screen control.

Note – Be informed that Xiaomi Mi Band 2 supports Android 4.4 and above versions of Android. In Apple devices, it supports iOS 7 and higher version.
The device has a 70mAh battery which can last up to 20 days. You can go into pool with it and shower because it is IP67 certified. The device’s screen lights up when you face it. It has second generation Bluetooth 4.0 chip which makes a strong connection with the phone so do not worry about loosing the connection. One more feature that Xiaomi mi band 2 has which previous version didn’t have is the ability to save when the device is not connected with the phone. In that case you could not track data. But, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 saves data when it’s not connected with the device, and transfers all data to the device when it gets a connection. So no worry of any data loss when your phone battery is dead.

Xiaomi band 2 is available in China in $23 and with this price, it deserves a chance. It’s a gorgeous device you would definitely wanna try it.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Soon To Be Available In India

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is currently released only in China but it’s expected to be available soon in India. Here you can check the Ebay page where it says to start shipping from 25, June.

Latest Update – Its 2020 and a lot has happened, the latest Xiomi band is Mi Band 5. Read here for more info.

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