Wireless Charging And The Top Wireless Chargers – Everything You Need To Know

Wireless charging sounds like something right out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. But it’s been around for quite some time in the technology industry. The idea of charging our electronic devices without the need for physical cables is just amazing and intriguing. So let us have a look at how this wireless charging works for electronic devices and see some of the best options for the job.

What is Wireless Charging?

what is wireless charging

Wireless Charging is a technique by which we can charge our electronic devices without connecting them with wires or cables. It is much safer, economical, and faster. Now you might be wondering how could this even be possible. So the answer is Electromagnetic Induction. Now wireless charging may not exactly stand up to your sci-fi mental image of it. The reason being that wireless charging is not like wireless data transmission where data can be transmitted via thin air. So let us see how wireless charging works.

How Wireless Charging works?

how wireless charging works

As I already said that it is not exactly wireless. Wireless charging consists of a charging station or charging dock which must be connected to a wall socket to draw energy.

Now, this charging station produces and transmits electromagnetic waves, these electromagnetic waves, on the principles of electromagnetic induction set up a current inside the coil in the device which must be charged. This coil then converts the magnetic waves into an electric current which is used to charge your device.

What’s the benefit?

There are multiple benefits to using wireless charging technology. The one thing that I really like is that usually due to often cable insertion and removal and exposure to the atmosphere some charging connectors corrode. Also, some water-proof phones have plugs at charging ports that could be a hassle. Wireless charging eliminates all of those and allows you to charge your devices easily. Wireless charging uses the Qi standard which is why a lot of common public places have charging stations to charge your devices.

Can I use it?

mophie wireless chargning mobile

Well, do you have wireless charging support? Wireless charging was usually included in a lot of high-end phones earlier but it saw a drop in the past 1-2 years. But once again manufacturers have started including it and the coming years will see a rise. If you do not have a phone that supports wireless charging and still wish to use it, you can opt for a phone case or cover that has wireless charging built-in it.

It may not be as good as a native wireless charger but that’s a small price to pay. But if your phone does have wireless charging supported here are some of the best chargers that you can use.

Samsung’s Wireless Charger

samsung wireless charger

This is the only brand that never stayed away from wireless charging. They always had it in their premium phone. Samsung’s wireless charger is a great backward compatible wireless charger.

This means that Samsung’s wireless charger can charge any of your devices with wireless charging support based on the Qi standards. This is pretty cool as you might have more than one device and this charger can be the jack for all devices. You can get this on Amazon for around $35.

Belkin Boost Up

belkin wireless charger

Before we even talk about it, let us establish the fact that it has been certified by Apple for its iPhone X. this is hands-down one of the best wireless charging stations in the game.

As of writing this article this item isn’t available to buy and will begin sales from 1 December. The price point is close to $60 as listed on Amazon which seems a little high but since Apple has certified it, Why not.

Morphie’s Wireless Charging Base.

mophie wireless charger

Again, certified by Apple itself for its I Phone X, Mophie’s entry is another strong contender in the market. The one downside to this one is that as you see in the image below the wall cable is one piece so if that ever breaks you will not be able to use another one from a third party.

Very much like Belkin’s Boost Up, This charger will also cost a whopping $60. Since it hasn’t been listed on Amazon yet. It is safe to assume that it will also launch in December.


Wireless charging is a very effective and robust technique and even though it is gaining ground, it is not as popular. In the coming years, we might be able to see big charging tables that can have charge multiple devices simultaneously set up in public spots such as airports and restaurants.

We also discussed some wireless chargers and it can be concluded that they are at the very least priced 4 times more than an average wired charger. But with the Qi standard coming in, different devices could be charged from a single charger including a brand like Apple that has always distanced their hardware to only work with their brand of devices.

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