WhatsApp Web Security Loophole – Personal Chats and Contacts are Indexed by Google

Looks like this is going to be a bad year for Facebook. The company is the owner of WhatsApp. The most famous chatting application WhatsApp is currently in controversy because of its policy change. The Application was already facing a lot of heat from its users since January 5, 2021. WhatsApp has updated the policy regarding how they will handle the data of its users.

WhatsApp Web Security Loophole

Users are criticizing the WhatsApp platform again not for non-user friendly privacy policy but because of bad security. WhatsApp Web has a security glitch this time that is resulting in leaking users’ data. The App had this glitch earlier in which Google was indexing the data of users of WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web Security Loophole

WhatsApp claims to be using End to End Encryption technology to maintain the privacy of its users. Its users who use WhatsApp Web should be alert. Google is indexing the data of users. A security expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia tweeted about with the screenshots. Look at their tweets below.

15 Jan 2021, If you are using @WhatsApp Web, your Mobile Number and Messages are being index by @Google again. Don't know why WhatsApp is still not monitoring their website and google. This is 3rd time.
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This time, @WhatsApp is actually using a “Robots.txt” file and a “disallow all” setting, so they are instructing @Google not to index anything. Google is still Indexing.

Mobile Number and Messages on WhatsApp Web Is Being Indexed by Google Again. @Techna @billtoulas

@Google Search Indexing Rules/Facts

Originally tweeted by Rajshekhar Rajaharia (@rajaharia) on January 15, 2021.

The personal chat between users and their contact list is available on a single google search. Fraudsters and spammers can utilize this information to perform a lot of illegal activities. I hope WhatsApp takes notice of this glitch quickly and fix it before something really nasty happens.

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