What is .Net Framework and Its History?

What is .Net Framework and Its History?

The .Net Framework is a software development platform created by Microsoft. The framework has got several benefits but there is something else you need to understand.

Why do we need a Framework?

Some of you must be thinking about why you need the .Net Framework when you have C#. I won’t be surprised if you are thinking like that. This is because you are unable to differentiate between a programming language and a framework. Do not worry, I will make it clear for you.


A programming language is just a language that you can use to write a program but a framework is a set of many pre-written small libraries. A library is a set of pre-written programs, ready to be used anytime.

A person who is not using a Framework will be writing the code from the scratch. On the other hand, a person who is using a framework will have so many libraries available to use. He just needs to call the library and its functionality will be ready to use.

One example of such a library is FCL in .Net Framework. The FCL stands for Framework Class Library.

Below are the services provided by the Framework Class Library

  1. File Handling
  2. Exceptions
  3. Remoting
  4. Sockets
  5. Database Access
  6. XML
  7. Web Services

The above services are the benefits of using the Framework Class Library. If a programmer is not using a framework he will have to write the code for File Handling and Exceptions and other services from scratch. If the programmer decides to use Framework then he just needs to call the library and the above services will be available.

The Framework Class Library is just one library, Imagine if you have thousands of libraries available and waiting to be called. That is the benefit of Framework. The frameworks make the programmers’ job easy.

Microsoft .Net Framework

.Net Framework is a framework developed by Microsoft. The Framework was introduced in 2002 and since then it has been under development. The framework can be used to build Windows applications, web services, and web-based applications. This framework was only available to be used on Windows operating systems until Microsoft has launched .Net Core, a lightweight framework. In case you want to build and run your program on Linux or Mac Operating Systems, .Net Framework is a free, modular, open-source framework for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The .Net Framework is platform-independent and has been released under the MIT license.

Benefits of Microsoft .Net Framework

  1. Portability
  2. Cross Language Integration
  3. Interoperability
  4. Base Class Library
  5. Security

Another small benefit is that .net Framework lets you create Console Applications. The explanation of the above benefits is the topic for another article. I will be explaining them in the next part.

After reading this article I hope you have under the difference between a programming language and a framework. In case you have any doubts, please comment and I will try to explain it for you with another example.

Till then take good care of your self in the pandamic. Stay home Stay Safe.

Good Luck!

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