What is a Technology Stack?

If you have any connection to the world of programming, chances are that you know what a technology stack is. Even if you don’t, you must have surely read or heard about some company using an XYZ stack for its product or service. So in this article, let’s throw some light on the same.

What is a Technology Stack?

A technology stack is a list of major technological components that will be used in developing a website, app or any piece of software system. These technologies may or may not be the only things used in the development of the software. But they are the key components on which the very foundation of that software system is laid on. Technology stacks are often acronyms where each letter stands for a technological component.

The LAMP & MEAN Stacks

Some commonly used technology stacks are LAMP and MEAN stack. The LAMP stack consists of Linux Operating System, Apache server software, MySQL database, and the PHP server scripting language. Our very own website is built on the LAMP stack. The MEAN stack on the other side consists of the MongoDB database, The Express Web framework, the Angular framework, and the Node Runtime.
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Such technology stacks exist because the technological components in each stack have great compatibility with each other. Our own website, for instance, runs on the LAMP stack.

Naming a Stack

I’ve already told you that stack names are acronyms for the technology used. Though stacks such as the LAMP and MEAN are popular, sometimes one might want to replace a piece of technology. For example, if someone were to replace Angular with React from the MEAN stack, you could call it MERN.


Technology Stacks are a collection of fundamental technologies used in building a software product. The members of a technological stack are often paired because of their high compatibility. A lot of stacks are already popular since they have been used in thousands of successful projects. You can also spin up a group of your technologies and name a new stack yourself.

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