Responsive WordPress Themes - How Important Responsive Themes Are For Your WordPress Sites?

Responsive WordPress Themes - How Important Responsive Themes Are For Your WordPress Sites?
What are responsive wordpress themes

I have talked about WordPress themes earlier in the article on how to install WordPress themes. It was only a glimpse of WordPress themes. There is much more about it than I will share in this article. In this article, you will know more about responsive WordPress themes and also how important these themes are for your site ranking in the search engines. So let’s dive in and discuss responsive WordPress themes.

What Are Responsive WordPress Themes? from 27 inch monitor 19 inch monitor from iPhone portrait view

It’s not rocket science to understand responsive themes. If you browse the web from several devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, then you’re already familiar with responsive themes. A responsive theme layout adjusts itself to your screen size whether it be a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Also Read : How To Install WordPress Theme And Find Best Theme To Suit Your Needs theme is an example of a responsive WordPress theme. Here are the screenshots browsing from different devices – from 27-inch monitor – from 19-inch monitor – from iPhone portrait view –

As you can see all the components of transform themselves according to the screen size of the device. On the 27-inch monitor view, the left sidebar is visible but in the 19-inch monitor, the view on the left sidebar adjusts itself into the menu and only pops out on clicking browse. In the iPhone portrait view, the left sidebar is not visible at all because the screen size is small so the sidebar won’t provide good interaction. Check here whether your site is responsive or not.

In the same way, all the image’s sizes are different in all three views. The featured posts slideshow provides good interaction in all three views.
All other blog elements such as titles, headings, and paragraphs have different font sizes on all three views. It’s very important for all the texts to transform their size depending on the screen size otherwise the user interaction will be bad.

So now it’s very clear that what responsive themes are. Now let’s talk about how important responsive themes are for your blog or website. Is it important to use a responsive theme? Does it benefit in improving SEO or search engine ranking? Let’s find answers to all of these questions.

How Important Responsive Themes Are For Your Blog Or Website?

From the screenshots of the TheITstuff responsive theme, it’s clear that the responsive theme is a lot user friendly. Visitors can visit your website from any device and if your website theme is responsive then on all the devices the user interaction will be seamless. So responsive themes are very important to improve user interaction.

SEO Benefits

It’s no doubt responsive themes are useful in improving user interaction but now it’s also a factor that search engines like Google base their search ranking. Recently Google notified all the Google Webmaster account admins that now site responsiveness is one of the factors of Google search ranking. So to get more traffic from Google and other search engines a responsive theme can help you a lot. When you use responsive themes, users can see all content on your site which decreases the bounce rate. Users click on the links within your site and stay at your site longer. It builds authority and improves search engine ranking.

Where To Get Responsive Themes?

WordPress themes directory has responsive themes that are free. But free themes might not provide you full functionalities. You can purchase themes at a smaller cost. Premium themes have many benefits such as quick updates, more features, and instant support from developers. Here are some developer’s premium themes that are WordPress specialized themes with full support.


ElegantThemes provides a variety of premium themes for WordPress blogs or websites. They have themes for blogs, App, Business sites, eCommerce sites, Magazine sites, and many more. Below is an example of ElegantThemes responsive WordPress themes.

Nimble Responsive Theme
Nimble responsive elegant theme

Download Now

ThemeForest At EnvatoMarket

ThemeForest at EnvatoMarket is another place to purchase responsive themes. They have a really large number of WordPress themes. Click here to browse all the Envato

Flash Responsive WordPress Theme
Flash responsive wordpress theme

Download Now

In this article, I am not reviewing themes but two of the themes markets mentioned above can give you the exact theme for your WordPress blog or Website. And one more thing if you purchase using any of the above links then I’ll also get some commission. But that commission will never come before my experience and writing.


As a blogger or webmaster, you must take care of your site look. Visitors will first see how your site looks then they’ll look for the content that they want. I also mentioned how important responsive themes are for search engine ranking so don’t miss this important factor as it can really improve your search ranking & traffic.

If you like this article then please share it with your friends and let them know how important responsive themes. Also, If I missed something to mention then please remind me in the comment section below.

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