Top Android Apps That You won’t Get In Playstore

Top Android Apps. The Android Play store houses a plethora of amazing apps. A lot of them are free, some are paid while some of them are freemium. But there are a lot of awesome applications that couldn’t get a spot in the Play store. These applications are called third-party apps and they are all extremely useful. So let’s have a look at the top Android apps that you won’t get in Playstore.

Top Android Apps those are not found in AppStore

Top Android Apps

1. GBWhatsapp

gbwhatsapp a whatsapp mod

GBWhatsapp is a WhatsApp mod which is created by GBmods. GBWhatsapp provides a lot of new and cool functionalities that are not provided by WhatsApp in the first place.You can customize the level of privacy you want by hiding blue and double ticks for each individual chat. You can also hide the view status of WhatsApp store.

GBWhatsapp allows image sharing in original quality and It also allows any file to be shared up-to 50 MB in size. GBwhatsapp can be used independently of Original Whatsapp and it won’t interfere with it. So you can also have 2 Whatsapp Accounts on the same device.

2. Videoder

Videoder video downloader apps

Videoder is an amazingly fast and easy to use app that can help you download videos from youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. It is completely free and you can download it from its official website.

Videoder can download a video in any quality, You can also download only the audio from a video file. The video files are in MKV Or MP4. You can choose from MP3 or M4A for audio file.

3. MIXplorer

MIXplorer for android

As mentioned by the creator “MiXplorer mix of explorers (SD, FTP, Lan, Cloud and other storage explorers) is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and fully-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface.
MIXplorer is a fully featured file manager that allows you to perform all file operations. IT also supports HTTP and FTP Servers. You can also access your cloud storage with the help of MIXplorer. 

There is no doubt that this is the best file explorer available for Android. You can get it from here.

4. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is a tool that can modify any existing app on your system. It can replace any variable within an app and even create odex files of it.

Lucky patcher is a great tool to have but it is not in the play store because it is used by many people for doing illegal stuff. Also, Lucky patcher requires Superuser access in order to work. You can get Lucky Patcher from here.

5. GBInsta

GBInsta instagram mod

Just like GBWhatsapp, GBInsta is also a mod based on the existing Instagram application. It provides a few more tweaks that the stock Instagram application doesn’t have or allow.

With GBInsta you can do everything you do with Instagram, additionally, you can Download media from posts.You can also modify the chat screen in the GBSettings menu. You can get GBInsta from gbmods as well.

6. Terrarium

Terrarium video streamer for android

My all-time favorite, Terrarium lets you stream and download all the latest movies and TV shows for free. Most of these movies and TV shows are hosted on Google Drive which makes the playback even faster.

You also get an option to choose subtitles from an online provider which is free again as well. To download terrarium just head over to their website.

7.  F-droid

F-droid open source play store

If you are someone who is deeply in love with the FOSS community, Then this is for you.

F-droid is like a Playstore for open source apps. There are hundreds of open-source apps, mods, and tweaks available. Some of these are already there on Playstore and some aren’t.

You can also use F-droid to automatically update them whenever a new version is available. To download f-droid simply head over to their website.

8. TubeMate

TubeMate video downloader youtube downloader for android

TubeMate is another video downloader that supports a lot of sites. It is very much like Videoder with the only difference being that tubemate has a browser-like interface.

So those were our picks for the top 8 android apps that are not available from the Android Play store. Did we miss any of your favorites? Just drop a comment and let us know.

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