The Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels (Top YouTubers Or Top YouTube Channels)

India has been a big market for tech in the past couple of years. With a population of 1.28 Billion and counting, India has its specific needs when it comes to technology. Also, we need specialists to explain that to the people. We need Tech-Reviews, information, tricks, and everything needed to make the most out of the money we spend on technology. So here is the list of top YouTubers Or Top Youtube Channels In India.

The List Of Top YouTubers Or Top YouTube Channels In India

This is where our YouTubers come in. They take gadgets, test, and review and tell you the pros and cons of each device so that you know what you are buying. So here is a list of Top 10 Indian Tech Youtubers that can simplify your Tech experience.

1 . Geekyranjit

top youtubers geeky ranjit

Undoubtedly the gold standard for tech Youtube channels in India, Geekyranjit started his journey in 2011 and did not make it big until a few years later. This top Youtuber makes videos on Gadgets like Android, iPhones, routers, headphones, and, speakers. He also sometimes explains some technical terms relates to these devices. He is famous for making Unbiased reviews and is considered a pioneer of tech YouTubing in India.

2 . Technical Guruji

Youtuber technical guruji

Technical Guruji i.e Gaurav Chaudhary took the internet by storm with his easy explanations of complex technical things and his unique way of presenting technical news. He does Smartphone reviews, gadget opinions, and software overviews. He does not shy away from taking a stand against brands that are fooling their customers and has even gone to call some of them ‘Kachra’ – Hindi word for Trash.

3 . Sharmaji Technical

Youtuber sharmaji technical

Sharmaji technical was the first Indian to proudly create a tech channel that was catering to Hindi viewers. He does gadget reviews and smartphone unboxings in pure Hindi. He is extremely blunt with his words and does not think twice before using words including ‘Dabba’ – Hindi word for useless, for gadgets that do not amuse him. He is one of the most trusted and honest YouTubers in India.

4 . C4ETech

top youtube channels c4etech in india

Ash from C4ETech has been around for more than 6 years and initially doing software tricks and rooting guides he now runs a channel that does all kinds of reviews, unboxings, and discussions. He is always one of the first Indian YouTubers to get his hands on all the latest devices. Unlike most Indian YouTubers who are more or less smartphone oriented, Ash from C4ETech also covers laptops and computers on a regular basis.

5 . Technical Sagar

youtuber technical sagar

Abhishek Sagar more commonly knows as Technical Sagar is an Ethical hacker who tries to educate people about the internet through his videos. He has always said that his videos are mostly centered on people who are not very tech-savvy. His videos are mostly focused on cybersecurity but he also makes videos on technical tricks and tips.

6 . Techno Ruhez

youtuber techno ruhez

Techno Ruhez is another popular YouTuber who primarily makes content in Hindi, he does all kinds of smartphones reviews and gadgets unboxings. But he is mainly famous for making funny tech news and mocking tech companies.

7 . Dhananjay Bhosale

youtuber dhananjay

Now, some of you might not be knowing Dhananjay, but he has been around for quite some time on YouTube. This youngster reviews all types of electronic devices ranging from speakers, headphones to smartphones, and laptops. He frequently uploads news regarding the latest happenings in the industry. He is also famous for providing rooting guides and his review and installations of Custom Roms on various devices.

8 . My Smart Support

youtber my smart support

Dharmendra Kumar from My Smart Support is the biggest support for people looking to break into the internet industry via blogging or YouTubing. His tips and tutorial series on Search Engine Optimisation and Website creation has been loved by many people. He also uploads news regarding tech and most of his content is in Hindi for the mass Indian audience.

9. Phone Radar

youtuber phone radar

Phone Radar is one of the oldest mobile phone oriented blogs in India and the YouTube channel for the same is managed by its CEO, Amit Bhawani. The channel may have a weaker audience but it is one of the very few channels in India that have access to almost all new smartphones and gadgets.

10 . IGyaan

youtuber igyan

IGyaan is another old player on YouTube and one of the few YouTubers that concentrated on the Indian market in the early days of YouTube. You can see smartphones and other Gadget reviews along with many Game reviews for Android and IOS as well.
With this, I wrap up my list of the Top 10 Or Top Youtube Channels In Indian For Tech, and in case I have missed any of your favorite top YouTubers, do let us know in the comment section below.

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