The Top 10 Endless Runner Games

Today’s topic is Top 10 Endless Runner Games. Endless running has always been a favorite for hardcore as well as casual gamers. Creating a high score while running endlessly through various traps, hurdles, and scenes. You receive various power-ups and boosters on your way and most probably there is someone trying to catch you. So let us have a look at some of the best Endless Running games.

Top 10 Endless Runner Games

Top 10 Endless Runner Games

1. Minion Rush: Despicable Me

Based on the super successful movie franchise Minion Rush follows the story of a minion. Who is running in their minion world collecting banana?. The game begins very slow but soon catches up speed with the obstacles getting tougher and the gameplay getting quicker.

2 . Temple Run 2

Sequel to the evergreen classic, Temple Run 2 is an adventurous running game with many scenes. You could be running in one and sliding in the other. The game has some good graphics and really smooth gameplay. At times I felt a little haunted by the music which only adds up to the overall experience.

3 . Subway Surfers

Subway surfer is undoubtedly the most successful running game that has ever been made. Launched almost 5 years ago, it still tops the charts on Google Play Store. You are running on the railway tracks as Jake and his friends collecting coins and boosters. A police officer and his grumpy dog are running right behind you waiting for you to bump into an obstacle so that they can arrest you.

4 . Agent Dash

Agent Dash may not be as common as the others in this list, but it has gained a cult following. The game follows the life of Agent Dash in an adventurous and twisting run for his life. The game feels modern in every sense and is extremely fast-paced.

5 . Rail Rush

Miniclip is known to make intuitive and graphic-intensive games. Rail Rush offers you a view of the railway tracks from a cart. You pass through various landscapes and dodge various obstacles like broken tracks to create a high score. The graphics are simply amazing and there might be some lag for lower-end devices.

6 . Ninja Kid Run

This has been a cute little running game with on the ground graphics and smooth gameplay. There is absolutely no lag even on lower-end devices. The game might seem a little outdated to some users as it has not been actively updated over the past couple of years.

7 . Super Mario Run

What do I say about this game? The smartphone adaptation of the classic Super Mario from Nintendo. The controls on this one are pretty easy with only a tap needed to play it.

8 . Danger Dash

You have already played Agent Dash which was a very modern game. Danger Dash by Gameloft can be called a blend between Temple Run and Agent Dash.

9 . Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride has enjoyed long lasting fame since its launch. The game play is simple, you have a jetpack and you are running a 2D adventure collecting coins. You have to dodge various obstacles including lasers and as the game progresses, it gets tougher.

10 . Alto’s Adventure

Last but not least is another common favorite. Join Alto and his friends in their snowboarding journey through the Alp’s and cross those obstacles that keep changing as the game progresses.

So these were my picks for the top 10 Endless Runner games. If I missed any of your favorites, do let me know in the comment section below.

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