TheITstuff | My First Youtube Video (An Introduction to me and the Channel) | Mohd Sohail

My name is Mohd Sohail, a blogger, a freelance web developer and a Linux system administrator. One of my successful blogs is is ranking 82,478 globally, 26,721 in India and 93,942 in the United States.
I’m also a web developer and I have been developing web applications in PHP and Ruby on Rails. PHP stands for PHP: hypertext processor. The 75% of the total websites are coded in PHP. Ruby on Rails is a framework which is based on the programming language called ruby. ROR is best to code a social networking site.
I’m also a Linux System administrator. I’ve been using Linux for about 7-8 years. And I have also written hundreds of articles/tutorials on Linux.
As the name of the channel, ‘TheITstuff’, suggests that there is going to be information technology related stuff on this channel. But specifically, on this channel, I’ll publish series of programming videos and lectures. I also know javascript so I will also be posting lectures on Javascript. I also love to talk about Linux so there will also be Linux videos, distributions reviews and application reviews etc.
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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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