Best First Person Shooter Games Online For Android

Best First Person Shooter Games Online For Android

Today’s topic is about First Person Shooter Games Online. With the ever-shining genre of First Person Shooters making it Huge in the PC market, game studios have brought the best of FPS action to people’s mobile devices. Here I present to you my best picks for the Free first-person shooter games online for Android.

first person shooter games online

Best First Person Shooter Games Online For Android

1 . Modern Combat 5 Blackout

This game has always topped the charts and still remains as one of the best FPS games that you will ever play on android. I have found the overall experience extremely intriguing and real. You could either play multiplayer or single-player. The Game requires an internet connection without which you cannot play at all. This game is extremely heavy and not recommended for lower-end devices.

2 . N.O.V.A. Legacy

Become a marine back on duty in N.O.V.A Legacy and don your suit to shoot. The gameplay offers a multiplayer mode and is extremely simple if you follow the lead of the story. The 28 MB File size is misleading as the actual size goes up to 316 MB, however, I can say that it doesn’t affect performance and I found the game to be playable on lower-end devices.

3 . Bullet Force

If you miss the good old days where the shooting was limited to teams on the ground on earth itself, you are going to love bullet force. It gives a very salt to the earth feel as you play. It features several different types of game modes which even include 20 Player Battles. With a size of 350 MB, this game will easily run on most Mid-Range devices however lower-end devices may need to tweak down the graphics settings for smooth gameplay.

4. Blitz Brigade

This is one of my guilty pleasures, it is a cartoonist FPS game wherein you are a part of either of the two teams and your motive is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your base. The game is packed with different scenes, characters, and powerups which make it extremely fun to play. The game initially has a setup of 44 MB but it later downloads up-to 600 MB before you can play it.

5 . Standoff 2

The sequel to the classy Standoff game. Standoff 2 is for people looking for something similar to CS: GO on mobile. The game lets you pick from terrorists or counter-terrorists just like Counter-Strike and it is completely online multiplayer. The file size of 152 MB is neat for lower-end devices and rest is managed by the servers.

6 . Unkilled

New York City has had a zombie apocalypse and you have a gun, need I say more. Kill zombies and other people in this massive violent shooter. With a package size of 365 MB, the gameplay should not hurt lower-end devices on medium to low settings. The game is extremely easy to understand and the controls are super smooth. The graphics can be too violent for some users but most of you are gonna love the bloody rampage.

7 . Dead Trigger 2

Another Zombie Shooter, Dead Trigger 2 brings you a newer version of the classic game Dead Trigger. The game promises and delivers console-quality graphics, which is uber cool for a game size of 450 MB. The Game can be totally played offline and offers you to choose which difficulty level you wanna play with. The missions are mostly short for gaming on the go. The game can be played on lower-end devices with low settings but there will be some lag.

8 . Modern Strike Online

This is very close to our good old Counter-Strike and you will see the striking resemblance when you play the game. You get 14 Maps and 6 Different modes to choose from. The setup is approximately around 264 MB in size and it works well on lower-end devices.

9 . Guns Of Boom

Another Happy and bright cartoonist shooter game. Guns of boom have the easiest controls with the aim of autofire. The graphics and gameplay are immersive and it leaves you wanting to play more. The setup in 57 MB from Play Store but it later downloads an additional 280 MB on the first launch. The game performs pretty well on lower-end devices too.

10. Sniper Fury

Become a sniper with a deadly aim and all the guns in this action-packed shooter. The graphics feel surreal and the control accuracy is too damn good. The game has over 130 levels that range from extremely easy to extremely tough. The file size is 50MB on the play store but some more download is required on the first launch.

This was my list of the best first-person shooter games online on Android. Did I miss any of yours? Feel free to comment on them down below.

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