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Can people in IT solve any Technical problem?

Being a web developer, I spend major parts of the day glued to my computer screen. For some reasons, this makes people think I know everything in the world about computers and technology. This leads to my family and friends...

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Smartphone Batteries – Myths And Tips

Batteries, the juice that runs our phones. Like every good thing it will wear off in time, it needs to take care of. But many tech experts in our immediate vicinity often give us to-dos and best practices to maintain...

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Manually Block Websites Without Any Software Using Host File

At times you might want to block websites on your computer or your kids' computer(Depending upon who is more naughty). Now you could create firewall rules or use some antivirus to do it but the best way to achieve this...

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The Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying OnePlus 3

Hi Guys, Hope you are doing good! As we all know about OnePlus Started back in December 2013 in China. The company promised to provide Smartphone devices at very affordable prices. They did it. People liked the first device OnePlus One...

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