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Who Doesn’t like Backups, get all your stuff together and sync it to a server. Our dear friends at Google have always done a great job at taking backup for most of our stuff from contacts to files, app data to events, and so on.
However, I have always felt the pressing need of backing up my call history and messages, sadly Google doesn’t do that for you. It doesn’t back up your SMS or call logs.

But that shouldn’t stop you from backing them up to Google. So let us have a look at an amazing App called SMS Backup+ on Google Play that can do the job for us.

Step 1

Authenticate your Gmail ID and allow email permissions. You’re backed up data is compressed and stored in your email.

sms backups with gmail

Step 2

backup sms with sms backup++ google

Hit the backup button and all your SMS and call log will be backed up. This does take more time than you expect as the compression is a little slow.

Step 3

restore contacts from google to android

Now whenever you want, just hit restore to restore all call logs and SMS to your device. The files will be downloaded, decompressed, and restored to your device. It might ask you to make it the default app for SMS, you can change it once your restore is complete.

 That’s it. How easy was that? Now you are never losing important SMS and call history again.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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