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Superlogout. Haven’t we all been in a situation where we logged into more than one website on someone else’s computer? It gets really boring to then log out of each and every device in that computer one by one. But to solve this there is a website called Superlogout which can log you out of multiple web services at once.


It can log you out of multiple services including Google, Amazon, Youtube, Gmail, Netflix, Steam, etc.

All you have to do is just visit Superlogout and it will handle the rest.
You may find that it doesn’t log you out of Facebook. This is because Facebook uses a different technique for logging out which isn’t known by the superlogout team and Facebook hasn’t requested superlogout to add them yet. But we might see Facebook included on that list soon.

How it Works

When we log in to a website to identify our login, that website stores some form of encrypted data in our browser in form of cookies. When we log out of a web service, all those cookies are deleted. Almost all websites have logout URLs which means they log you out when you visit that URL. Superlogout just visits all of those websites within iframes in the same tab and hides all of those iframes.


Some people may argue about using an incognito window or clearing cookies from the browsing history. But who does that? You will be on someone else’s computer. Some useful extensions may not work on incognito. Some settings may be locked and much more. So Superlogout helps you with this and if you have a web-service that you would want to add to their logout list you can do that by submitting a pull request on their GitHub repo.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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