Smartphone Batteries – Myths And Tips

Smartphone Batteries, the juice that runs our phones. Like every good thing it will wear off in time, it needs to take care of. But many tech experts in our immediate vicinity often give us to-dos and best practices to maintain good battery health but it often ends up damaging our battery. So here let us look at some common myths about smartphone batteries and see some tips to improve them.


Smartphone Batteries

The Chargers

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We are often told that we should only use the charger that comes in the box with our phone, or buy a new charger from the same brand if the original one ever gets damaged. This is completely false. A charger’s job is to supply current, there is nothing special about your charger. As far as they are made by any other reputable brand you can use them.

Discharging your Battery

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Some people have this habit of completely discharging their batteries to 0% and then charging them up to 100%. They feel that if the battery is not used to its full limit, it may lose capacity.

To be honest, this was true back in the days when we were using nickel-cadmium batteries and it was known as the battery memory effect, but now all batteries are of lithium-ion and this condition doesn’t exist anymore. So it doesn’t matter how you charge your batteries, you could charge them 10 times a day for 10% and it would still be fine.

Overnight Charging

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This one also holds roots in the olden time when devices would heat up or sometimes explode when they were supplied with more current than they needed. But the year is 2017 and all of our devices are smart enough to refrain from overcharging the battery themselves. So once your battery percentage reaches 100. The charging stops automatically. So don’t worry and leave your phone for a full charge overnight.

Battery Saving Apps

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I have been one of those people that have used a lot of battery saving apps in my younger days. Only to realize that they are all useless. Even the best players in that niche are actually doing nothing. There will be a battery saver profile on your phone by default it can perform most of the battery conserving tasks.

Instead, by using a battery saver app we are actually losing battery by allowing one useless application to keep running on our device 24/7.
If you really want to save battery via software you might wanna look into custom kernels and disabling a few CPU cores with their help.

Do not use the Phone while Charging

Most of our parents have said this to us at least once in our lives. When we are using our phone, we are using a battery and charging it at the same time. This leads to more charge flowing and ends up generating a little heat, however, this has no adverse effect on the health of the battery. Yes some heat will be generated and the charging will be a little slower (Since you are consuming battery at that time), but that’s it. It is nothing more than that.


There has always been news regarding explosions that were created when people were using their phones while charging. It has always been found that they were either using cheap quality chargers or devices. If that wasn’t the case, they either created a short circuit themselves which is very much possible when people are sweating and using their phones to call while they are being charged. As a measure of safety, try to always use branded devices. Also, treat your non-waterproof phone the way it should be treated.


Do not stress over the health of your battery. All batteries have a limited number of charge cycles after which they will lose peak performance but they will still work reasonably fine. Go ahead and charge your phone overnight, charge multiple times a day. Use a different charger and uninstall those apps. Your Smartphones are smart enough to manage all this.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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  1. Point to add:-
    Battery saver apps which works on hibernation system actually works as they force stop apps from running in background and yeah custom kernel and ROM support makes it more awesome. Also support from Xposed makes it more awesome without any custom kernel or ROM.

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