How To Setup OK Google

How to Setup OK Google

Google has its own voice command system to make your life easier and it is very famously known as Ok Google. That is the voice command needed to activate its listening feature. Once activated Google will perform whatever task you tell it to. So let’s do a walk-through of setting it up.

Once your Google App is open, just hit the mic icon in the search bar to initiate the process.

activate ok google with mic button

You will get a prompt like the one below just click on Get Started in the bottom right corner.

tech the assistant recognise your voice

Google will ask you to say ‘OK Google’ 3 times, it will identify your voice and save it. So once you are done with that, you automatically proceed forward to the next screen.

say ok google three times

Here you will be asked if you want to unlock your phone with your voice. Now that is totally up to you. I’ll just leave it enabled.

unlock device with ok google

That’s it. You are done with the setup and now you can start giving commands to Google. I gave a command to call my brother Ketan and it identified my voice and executed the command.

ok google make a call

You can do a whole bunch of other stuff like open apps, send messages or set alarms and reminders. All of this completely using your voice.

set alarm with ok google

So that was it, we have successfully setup OK Google and used it for some basic commands. I hope you followed it. Any doubts or questions, let me know in the comment section below.

Author: Rishabh Kandari

Rishabh Kandari is a Tech Enthusiast and a Web Developer. He shares his knowledge by writing blogs on TheITStuff. He also specialises in inappropriate humour an sarcasm.