The Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3

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As we all know about OnePlus Started back in December 2013 in China. The company promised to provide Smartphone devices at very affordable prices. They did it. People liked the first device OnePlus One which was really an appreciable device. The company provided a very fast Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB RAM and the main thing about the device was its battery which was a whopping 3100mAh that could last approximately 2 days with heavy use.

Is OnePlus 3 Going To Be Invite-free System?

I could not buy OnePlus One because of the Invite system. I won’t say this invite system is good or bad but it certainly is a unique way of marketing. The fact is that they could not sell a device to me just because of this marketing system and now I feel good that I could not buy it. Till now there is no confirmation whether the OnePlus 3 will be available through an invite system or the Invite-free system. I think that there are more chances of an Invite-free system. You can mention your views on the Invite system. Do you like the Invite or Invite-free system?

Why I Feel Happy For Not Getting Invitation For One+ One

one+ 2 tiny bump

You must be wondering why I am saying I feel good that I could not buy OnePlus One. Well! I would love to share my experience with you guys through this Article. The reason why I am writing this article.

Unfortunately, I got an invite for One+ 2 and I bought this device. I bought it on EMIs and started using this device. In the beginning, the phone used to heat a lot while doing nothing. This was a very bad experience. You can imagine how It’ll feel to put such a heating device in the pocket. I contacted Amazon and thanks to them they took the device back and arranged a new Invite for me to buy a new One+ 2. I thought the device I got could be a faulty one and I should buy a new one that I did.

The new device worked well for a couple of months until the day I realized that the FingerPrint sensor does not work sometimes and does not even vibrate when I put the thumb on it. I reset the device, cleaned cache and cookies then started using it. It worked again for approximately a month then suddenly the FingerPrint Scanner Stopped working completely.
I went to the Service center and Showed my device, they saw and said the warranty is voided because there is a tiny bump on its metal Alloy. Here is the image of that tiny bump.

Can you see that tiny bump? According to the service center, it’ll cause me to change not just the fingerprint sensor but the screen also. Although the screen is working perfectly. The service center guys also said that the screen is all well. Even after that, they have to change the screen because of the fingerprint sensor and the screen are joined together. None of the parts can be changed alone.

It Is Shutter Proof Devices’ Era

OnePlus 3 expected

I ask them that why they did not mention such thing in their promotion campaign. We always expect that costly devices like One+ 2 can bear such tiny bumps. Other manufacturers like, Samsung, Sony and Motorola are designing their devices to bear solid bumps in the same price as One+ 2.

Well, I talked to Customer Service for almost an hour but it was waste of time. They said the warranty is voided. I came back home and downloaded the OS myself, then installed the update. The FingerPrint started working back again. It worked for almost 1 month but stopped working again. Now, this device is faulty and I am using it without a FingerPrint scanner.

I bought this device for Rs. 27000 with EMIs conversion charges included and paying with installments. I would suggest you if you want to buy OnePlus 3 devices and you love the money that you earned with a lot of hard work so you need to make sure that you don’t drop it. The device is covered with a metal alloy and it will definitely make a mark if it is dropped. It should not be dropped from the height of your elbow. I was using this device when lying on the floor and accidentally dropped it. The height was just my elbow and It took that mark.

Thanks To The Consumer Forum Who Understood My Problem And Working Over

I raised a complaint in Consumer Forum and my complaint number is 693477. I am constantly working with consumer forum. Now they are asking me to have some proofs that service centre demanded money to fix the device.

I am posting this just to tell you that it may sound the device has a nice configuration. I am not trying to say that you should not buy the OnePlus 3. All I am saying, ask them in the community about the device quality. I’m sure such bumps are regular. The device often falls when you’re using it while lying on the floor. So think twice before you buy it.

I wish I had not purchased one+ 2. I am feeling robbed. Paying EMIs and using a faulty device. You can make your decision but I won’t buy OnePlus devices again. Many people will have different opinions so do I. I have shared what I experienced. So I hope my experience will help you make a wise decision and also share it with your friends so that it helps them too.

Update as of August 22, 2016

As I mentioned before in my Article that the fingerprint scanner has a problem, it stops working and starts working by itself, I was deleting the images of whats app from my mobile because they were taking a lot of space. Those images were in hundreds so I decided to take a backup of my phone data and then factory reset the phone. When I was setting up OnePlus2 again I realized that the fingerprint has started working again. It happened on August 2, 2016, and now I have been using it for 20 days. I doubt if it will keep working this time because this is 3rd time it has started working.

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    • I have faced many problems with OnePlus customer services. Recently I have seen others also have similar problems. But, you have bought twice and didn’t think once, then do share your experience with me like I did.

    • Thanks Rangga.. I mentioned each and everything what I experienced. It is so that others get benefits. Thanks again!

  1. Sorry to hear that.
    Too sad! The Oneplus is quite popular,so we could not notice all the flaws amidst this popularity.
    Thanks for drawing our attention towards this side of One+ flagship.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience Mohd.
    I own a oneplus one and was one of the “lucky” ones who got it shortly after their release. Many of the oneplusone phones had a major problem with heat. When the phone got too hot because it was summer, the touchscreen would stop registering touches at some places. I read about other people’s experience with their customer service and they were just unhelpful. My phone was never fixed and just accepted to live with a phone that worked decently 3/4 of a year.
    So here I am looking for a new phone as the warm weather is awakening all of my phone’s issues yet again. I stumbled over their newly released oneplus 3 which looks nice and all the jazz. However after reading your experience, like you, my next phone will be from another company.

  3. I bought a one plus 3 and from a very small fall onto my wooden floor the screen cracked. The phone was only a week old and as such was immaculate, other than the screen. The phone and screen worked perfectly fine just the glass was broken. I sent the phone to one plus for repair and was advised verbally that it would be approx £59 for repair. Great I thought, I eventually got a quote for well over £100 for the repair, I decided I would fix it myself and asked them to return it. They wanted £50 to return the device, I complained and after 3 months they eventually said they would return the device for free. I would have to pay and then be refunded the shipping. I received the phone unrepaired as expected however it had been bent quite badly near the volume buttons, along with several scuffs and dings around the metal body. I complained only to be told it must have been like that when you sent it! The phone is no longer economical to repair given the damage and I still have not received the shipping refund promised. The customer services team are the worst I have ever dealt with extremely rude whilst I was struggling to stay calm and polite on the phone. I have had them laughing and swearing at me down the phone, they have constantly put the phone down on me when I was being perfectly polite. The phone for the money is good value, I cannot comment on the longevity of the device as I have only used it for a week in four months! I can no longer be bothered with arguing with them any more as it is extremely hard work getting anywhere. I will simply tell anyone who has one to, under no circumstances get it sent for repair!!!

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