Here Is Why People Buy Oppo And Vivo Phones In India

Here Is Why People Buy Oppo And Vivo Phones In India

Why People Buy Oppo And Vivo Phones

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There are 2 types of people in the Indian market, people who buy phones online, and people who buy them offline. The online buyers are generally self-proclaimed smart people who think that people buying phones offline are idiots.

When I was new to this industry, I felt the same. I have considered friends buying Oppo and Vivo phones to be retarded. However, a couple of years in this business have taught me some important things about brands like Oppo and Vivo and why people buy their phones in India.

Why People Buy Oppo And Vivo

So for people who don’t know about this matter, here is a quick introduction. The Indian market has recently seen the success of brands including Xiaomi and Motorola that sell their products exclusively in online stores. These phones are being sold offline but there are only a few official stores and most of the sellers are third parties. So it is safe to consider them as online brands. These brands provide really good phones with strong specifications and the latest chipsets at the most basic price. They do not spend too much money on marketing and advertisements.

On the other hand, we have players like Oppo & Vivo. These brands provide phones that do not have the most cutting-edge technology in them. They are generally priced higher than their online seller counterparts. They spend billions on advertisements and you can see an Oppo or Vivo advertisement in places where even cellular networks won’t work.

So you must have already created a general disliking for these Vivo And Oppo phones but let us discuss some factors due to which these phones are still selling high in the Indian market.


These phones that are exclusively available online are sold on partner websites in flash sales. If you order a phone today, you will only receive it after a couple of days. Whereas brands like Oppo and Vivo target the offline market and you could buy a phone pretty much in any local shop. A large number of rural Indian population do not understand the concept of having to wait for a phone. Not to mention, you can’t always get lucky in flash sales.


A lot depends on what you want your smartphone to do. The people from urban areas consider aspects different from people buying in rural areas. There has been a trend of selfies recently and hence you can see that when Vivo or Oppo launch a phone they usually might have average specs but they make sure to give a great front facing camera. Because honestly that’s what the masses want, so why not give it to them. They literally want good selfies, they don’t care how many cores are there in the processor or what sensors are available.

After Sales

This could be debated on, but my side of the story has had some really good after sales service with Vivo. Whereas there shouldn’t be much to discuss with the online selling contemporaries.

My opinions

I have seen many Indian tech reviewers criticizing oppo and Vivo for their phones. I personally do not use their phones at all, I have a Xiaomi device for myself. However, my mom uses a Vivo device that was gifted to her, and some days I just can’t tell which one the better choice. To me, maybe using a Xiaomi device is important since I want to root it and install ROMs. But my mom merely uses it for WhatsApp and watching YouTube. I have no good reason why she specifically needs to buy Xiaomi or Motorola.

The phone is not as good as a Xiaomi device in the same price range but I can assure you it will have a better camera or whatever general features you might expect for the masses. I am not supporting any brand over here. I am just saying that we have created a general perception about an ideal smartphone and we criticize anything that doesn’t follow those standards.
These were some reasons why people buy Oppo and Vivo phones in India. I also shared some of my own thoughts about the matter. If you have anything to add or ask or anything to say, just drop a comment below.

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