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PayTM Service

I am a PayTM User and I would like to share with you my experience with PayTM Service. This article is about a PayTM Mall scam that happened to me. Why I have a PayTM complaint.

I purchased a set of Wipro Tube lights from PayTM Mall. For your information, the product name is – Wipro 22w 4 Feet Led Colour Changing Tube Light (Cool Day Light & Warm White) – Pack Of 4.
Here is a picture of the product that I bought.

The Product I Bought from PayTM Mall.

wipro tube light
wipro tube light

The cost of this product was Rs. 1,899 and I bought it because I was getting Rs. 380 Cashback. The same product was available at Amazon and Flipkart but I did not buy from any one of them because of cashback.

PayTM Order details
PayTM Order details

I was very happy because it was Eid time and I was thinking of using these lights because they are awesome.  They change color every time you switch them on. They come in 3 colors. I was excited so I waited for almost a week for it. One morning I received the product and I was shocked to see the product was packed in a 1×1 square feet box. I was curious to know how can they pack a product of 4 feet in a small packet but I accepted the packet because I wanted it badly.

The Product I Received.

wipro pack
wipro box
wipro led bulbs


When I opened the box I found the product was not tube lights but a set of LED Bulbs.

I can not explain how I felt at the time. I wanted to throw them away. I called PayTM and tell them what happened. PayTM representative was not ready to understand and said it was not possible. After a lot of arguments, I managed to make him open a refund request. Because It was Eid time and I wanted to use them on the occasion, I searched for the same lights on Amazon and Flipkart but they were delivering them after Eid. I lost a lot of time because of PayTM and got frustrated. I had to give up on buying the lights. You might think the struggle is over but it is not.

Next-day pickup guy showed up to pick the item, I gave him the product but he was not ready to pick it because as per his pickup request he was there to pick Tube lights, I had a lot of argument with him and finally had to talk to his manager and make him understand the situation, Finally he picked it up. I got my money back the next day in my PayTM Wallet.

Some people might argue that I should not complain about it because I got my money back anyway. But that is not the point, the point is that I lost the time and occasion. 

Some of my friends suggested that I can keep the product because the delivery boy will not accept this product. They were right, I had to fight for the return. This is not the first time when I had such a bad experience with PayTM, earlier I bought one bad pack from PayTM Mall worth Rs. 1700. I got a cashback of Rs. 500 so I got it in just Rs. 1200. The same product was available at Amazon for Rs. 1800.

I was happy because I found a good deal but all the happiness was gone when I came to know they changed the delivery date without informing me. The product was coming from the USA and they promised the delivery within 15 days. I was okay with it because it takes time in International shipping. After waiting for 15 days I was shocked to see they extended the delivery date by 5 days. I called customer service and asked them about it. The representative was saying the product is on time. the delivery was promised within 20 days.

PayTM Complaint Department and PayTM Service

After a lot of argument, I had to disconnect the call and waited for 5 days again. The delivery was changed again. This time they extended it by 10 days. I called customer service and this time they had no answer to my questions. The representative started apologizing and asked me to wait, I asked him to cancel the product and start the process of refund. He canceled the product and I was feeling relief.

After a few days, I found the product was not canceled instead it was going to be delivered. When I contacted PayTM Mall about it, they said the product cannot be canceled as per the policy. The return policy for the product was non-refundable. Once an order is placed and payment is done, no one can cancel the order.

After approximately 30 days, I received the bag. It was dirty and was not looking as described in the picture. I found it was not the same product instead it was a duplicate. a lot of features were missing, for example, the side pockets were missing. One of my friends who purchased the same product from Amazon had a completely different product from a quality point of view.

I gave up completely at the time and decided not to buy any non-electronic product from PayTM Mall. But this time they lost it completely and I am not going to buy any electronic or non-electronic product from Paytm.
PayTM has the worst customer service in the online shopping industry. They don’t listen, understand, resolve the query. Customer service representatives start with a script and end with a script, meanwhile, they try everything to ignore the query and ask to wait.

They have no compensation policy whereas Flipkart and Amazon sometimes give you compensation if your delivery is late. I got Rs. 200 Amazon balance for a late delivery because I paid Rs. 100 for one-day delivery. Amazon offered Rs. 200 compensation.

I heard Flipkart has the same compensation policy but I have never experienced any late delivery from Flipkart. They are always on time. One service that I like about Flipkart is, whenever you receive a wrong or damaged product they do not pick up the product and deliver the product on two different days instead they pick-up and deliver on the same day. It’s like they come to exchange the product.

PayTM Scam

Recently, CobraPost did a sting operation and found PayTM has malicious intentions. In the sting operation, PayTM’s vice president Sudhanshu Gupta revealed his political interests. It was not a big deal that he is supporting a political party. That is his basic right and no one can question it. The problem with his intentions was that he was ready to promote anything for money.

The story does not end here, In the next series of sting operations, the actor met Ajay Shekhar Sharma. Ajay Shekhar Sharma is the Senior Vice President of Paytm. Just like Sudhanshu Gupta, Ajay Shekhar Sharma also showed his political interests. The danger of this meeting was that Mr. Sharma revealed that he shared PayTM User’s data with Government agencies. Some people might argue that there should not be any problem with that. Because the data is going to be shared with Government agencies, it is completely safe, I do not agree with that opinion. The data is not safe with PayTM. The data should not be shared without the user’s consent. Or at least users should be informed about it.

People in India do not understand the gravity of this data sharing matter. Just imagine Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to face criticism worldwide and several new laws have been introduced to save users’ data/privacy.

By now people might have started thinking this is a political post, be informed that I had no intention to write this post. I came to know about the scam when videos came on YouTube back then and did not write about it because people start taking it differently. I just shared my user experience with online shopping websites. In the same line, I added the scam information, just to let readers know about it. I do not trust PayTM now.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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