Ninite – Install Or Update Multiple Apps Together On Windows

ninite install and update software in windows

One big problem with Windows is searching and installing softwareHere we do not have a Play Store like Android or an App Store like IOS. We have to manually go to the software’s website, download it and install it.

The worst part here is a lot of freeware programs contain malware and other viruses. So it is time-consuming and frustrating to individually download each software and manually decline to all malware add-ons. This is a problem we all face.

Well, Not anymore,  because I will walk you through a service called Ninite that will create one executable installer that will install all your free software together at once. So let’s get rolling.

Step 1

Head over to the Ninite’s website,  there you will see this section with all your free software listed. Select the ones that you want to install.

I have selected notepad++, qbittorrent, VLC media player, Gimp, and 7-zip. You can select as many as you want. There is no limit.

select ninite apps

This selection has a most of the free software that we generally use. I have selected some of my favorite software.

Step 2

Once you are done selecting your apps, scroll down and click on Get Your Ninite.

download your ninite setup

This will create a small executable that will install all your applications. Once you download it, it will be something like this.

Ninte setup file

You can see that the file is only 416 Kb in size because it does not contain any software. It will now download and install the latest apps directly from their servers.

Step 3

Run the Installer, it will ask for admin permission, give it to the app and it will now download and install your selected apps one by one like this.

ninite download 7-zip

Once an application is downloaded it will move to installing the other applications.

Ninite downloading notepad++

The beauty here is usually the add-ons and malware that we get while installing some free programs are automatically declined with Ninite.

Once all apps are installed, you can close the Ninite installer and you are ready to go.

If you ever wish to update those applications, just run the ninite setup file again and Ninite will take care of everything.


Ninite makes it amazingly simple to install and update multiple software and applications at once. It will decline to install all unnecessary add-ons and malware, and you will always get the latest and updated versions of your software.

This is extremely helpful for sysadmins or people who have had a fresh install of windows.

Have you ever used Ninite? What are your views on it? Do let us know in the comment section below. If you use any other such application, share with us in the comment section below this article.

Author: Rishabh Kandari

Rishabh Kandari is a Tech Enthusiast and a Web Developer. He shares his knowledge by writing blogs on TheITStuff. He also specialises in inappropriate humour an sarcasm.