Some New And Interesting Social Networks

Social Networks have always been the trend. From Myspace to Orkut and Facebook to Twitter, people have spent a lot of time using social networking sites on the internet. Then came the likes of Snapchat and Instagram that brought a modern touch to the whole social networking market. It is 2018 and there are more and more social networking platforms being launched.

So Here are Some New and Interesting Social Networks.

Opentalk: Social Voice App

Social Networks

While enjoying social networking sites, You must have for once been on an anonymous chat platform. You get connected to a stranger and chat with them. Opentalk is a new social network with a similar design. You do get connected to a stranger but this time you talk. The app connects both of you on a voice call. You can select the type of person and language you would wish to talk in. You could also select the topics on which you would wish to talk. I have personally used this application and it was a good experience for me.

Bigo Live – Live Stream

Social Networks

Bigo Live is a live streaming app where you could go live and your friends or even the entire world can see your live stream. You could also find live streams happening near your locations and invite or guest star in other people’s live streams. This app was initially good but it has had a lot of NSFW content in its stream. This app lost its users in the social networking sites era.

Social Networks

I assume most of you already know about this. is a video sharing platform where people share different kinds of videos, most of which are performances on already existing audio. It is very similar to dubsmash but people have been posting some really wild and crazy stuff here. Your videos get viewed by not just your followers but many other viewers too. I really liked how easy it was to post a video and the app just makes me feel that posting a video of yourself is not such a big deal.

Bottled – Message in a bottle

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The most unique of them all. The concept for Bottled is utterly simple. Based on how they used to send messages in bottles in olden times. Bottled lets you create a message and that message is then sent to one person. If that person likes your message they may choose to keep it and connect with you. If they don’t like that message, they can choose to not keep it and it gets floating back into the ocean where someone else might read and keep it.
So these were some new and interesting social networks that I recently got to see. If you are on a new social network that isn’t mentioned in this list, feel free to comment it down below.

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