Microsoft To Release Surface Phone After Tablets

surface phone to be released
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We have been using Microsoft tablets for a while now and this is the time for some change. There have been rumours around since November 2016 that Microsoft has been working on its new device called Surface phone and as the trend of high specifications is going on. Surface phone is expected to come with breath taking high configurations. Some sources say that the device is expected to come with 4GB and 6GB variant and there will be two storage options available which are 64GB and 128GB.

Surface Phone Storage

It is also a mystery that if it will come with the capability of expanding the storage. The option of expanding a storage is a rare nowadays, big tech giants are making phone, Phablet and Tablet devices with no capability of expanding the storage. Microsoft has made some devices which could expand the storage with SD card such devices are like Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and Microsoft Lumia 540. The devices were appreciated due to memory expansion feature.
Microsoft surface phone to be released
Hopefully this time also Microsoft will listen to the users and make this new awesome Surface device with an external memory slot. Since we all know that the memory is not the only thing that makes a phone adorable but there are so many other things such as Processor, Display resolution and size, operating system, Screen protection Glass, rare and front Camera and Camera Lens technology.

Surface Phone Rumoured To Be Shipped With Intel Processor

The processor of this device is the biggest contributor to the rumours because some sources say that Microsoft will install Intel processor in the device and some other sources say that they will choose to go with Snapdragon 820. So far Intel processor has been used in Asus Flagship devices and the devices have been reported for some heating issues. Intel processor is new in the market and might take a little bit of time to give a competition to Snapdragon. Intel’s capability is not in question because they have done it very well and they own the market of desktop processors and they will definitely do the same with Mobile devices as well but the time running very and they will have to do it quickly. Snapdragon has been doing it for a while and they have delivered n number of successful processors in Android smartphone devices such as Snapdragon 808, Snapdragon 800, Snapdragon 810 and the list goes on. They have recently launched Snapdragon 820 which is being used in Flagship devices and so far the response from its users is positive. Microsoft may decide to make a deal with Snapdragon for 820.
surface phone rumour

Surface Phone AMOLED HD Display

It is in rumours that the screen will be a 5.5 Inch AMOLED display with a Quad HD 2560 x 1440 picture resolution. The device is expected to have a ClearBlack Gorilla Glass 4 Cover protection.

Surface Phone Camera

The Camera will be a 21-MegaPixel PureView Zeiss 6 Lens technology and on the Front there will be 8-MegaPixel Zeiss Wide Angle lens.
The design of this device is a hot topic and overtalked. There has been several pictures over the Internet those are just ideas and no one has seen the real device. People are trying to guess the design.

What Operating System Will They Ship Surface Phone With?

surface phone with windows phone 10
As far as the operating system is concerned Windows 8.1 is an old operating system and the device will sure come with Windows 10 OS. The biggest question is not about the stability of the device but the application for the windows platform. The new operating system might not be stable and available for older devices but the devices came with Windows 10 out of the box has been running smoothly. After doing so much hard work in the area of Windows store, the users still complain about the application availability. Every now and then you will hear people saying that an Application is not available for Windows OS. We hope Microsoft will increase the speed of development in this area.

Battery & Fast Charging Capability

No one really knows about the battery capacity and weather or not it will be available with fast charging capability but I can guess with the size of the screen that Microsoft might install between 3000mAh to 3500mAh on this device.
Microsoft launched its new web browser with Windows 10 and people were expecting this to be a game changer but that did not really happen. The browser came with so many bugs. Hopefully this time Microsoft Edge will be improved.
The device was expected to come in early 2016 but we have not heard any news so far so we can expect this device a little bit lately this year or starting of 2017. This might also be just rumours around, so only time will tell the truth we all can just wait and watch.

Its 2020 now and a lot has happned. A new phone Surface Duo has been launched. Read Here about Surface Duo.

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