Your ISP Limit Bandwidth? Here Is What You Can Do To Improve Internet Speed

ISP limit bandwidth

It is very annoying when our fast Internet connection goes down. Sometimes it is due to some technical error or sometimes in the case of wired Internet the wires damage causes the Internet to completely shutdown. But, it’s all unexpected. We can’t go and fix it.

Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) fixes it as soon as possible. But what if your ISP limits bandwidth and blocks you from accessing some sites or the whole Internet. It’s not confirmed yet that ISPs limit bandwidth (Internet speed) but it’s probably true by a large number of Internet users. The users only notice when the speed goes down at a specific time and that’s the first symptom that the ISP is blocking Internet speed. In the city where I’m, the issue has been raised many times and there were even protests against the Government Internet service provider.

The protest was against the provider that was/is seem to limit Internet speed every day from 2 PM to 5 PM. Whether the ISP limits access to the entire Internet or only some sites, in both cases it’s not acceptable by consumers who are paying heavy charges including tax.

Why ISPs Can Limit Internet Bandwidth?

A big question is that why ISPs want to limit bandwidth after getting paid. The reasons vary from ISP to ISP. The limit has been mostly seen by Government ISPs who provide Internet access to banks, Government offices, and agencies that work under Government. To provide seamless connectivity they limit home users’ bandwidth and let them only access the sites or services that are widely used, all the Google sites or services for example.

Although no one cares for what reasons they limit bandwidth and throttle Internet speed, everyone cares about the money and time that goes in vain.
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How To Bypass Limit Bandwidth And Improve Internet Speed

If you doubt that your Internet speed is being limited then I’m sure you’re worrying too much. It is very annoying that you can access some sites without problem but most sites always act like they’re opening but they don’t.

There is one solution to the problem, using VPN. VPN has been experienced to be working in this case. You can access most of the sites when you see the Internet speed is going down at a specific time. Although using VPN is illegal in many countries. I don’t know if your country allows the use of VPN or not. Use only when your country allows it otherwise don’t. If you use a VPN in case it’s not allowed then you’re only responsible for that illegal act.
If your country allows using VPN then read further how to use VPN otherwise better quit reading.

How To Use VPN

Nowadays using VPN is not very complex thing to do for a web surfer. Here is the easiest & fastest way to use VPN –

Using Plugins

Plugins are the easiest ways to bypass the bandwidth limit. You can use plugins in the browser you’re using. I’m going to mention VPN plugins for the two most popular browsers — Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For other browsers, you can search in the plugin store of your browser for such plugins.

VPN Plugins For Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

ZenMate (Chrome & Firefox)

Zenmate improves Bandwidth
Zenmate In Access in mozilla firefox

Zenmate is the free & premium plugin for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. Zenmate provides access from various servers set in different countries, including – Romania, Hong Kong, Germany, United States, Singapore, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Canada, and United States West.
All the countries except those underlined are free. To access from underlined countries server you need to subscribe to their premium service.

Zenmate For Google Chrome    Zenmate For Mozilla Firefox    Zenmate Premium Service

UltraSurf (Chrome)

UltraSurf is another VPN plugin available in Google Chrome and in the .exe executable program. The Plugin can easily be installed and use in Chrome but the executable file is another easy-to-use way. Simply download the file and install it. Run the program and it’ll automatically open your default web browser and let you access the Internet from a different location.
UltraSurf does not provide multiple servers set up in different countries but it is still an effective way to improve speed while bandwidth limit.

UltraSurf In Chrome
Download Executable file

SurfEasy (Chrome & Firefox)

SurfEasy is very similar to ZenMate. It also lets you surf the Internet from different countries. SurfEasy has servers set up in more countries than ZenMate. But one thing that makes me put it after ZenMate is that it limits the data that you can surf through the SurfEasy. Only 500MB of data you can surf through the SurfEasy plugin in a free plan which is not enough for any users.

To extend the usage data to unlimited and get all other interesting features to subscribe to their yearly pack. Currently, they’re running an offer that lets you pay $59.99 instead of $117.87.

SurfEasy Black Friday Offer

Access Blocked Sites With These VPN Plugins

There are many more benefits of using a VPN. One of the benefits is that VPN allows to access blocked websites. Almost every country has blocked certain websites or services. Because there must be freedom to access and everything available on the Internet, VPN services are very helpful in giving you that freedom on the Internet.

By using VPN all the blocked websites can be accessed and surfed through these free and Premium VPN plugins.


Blocking bandwidth is the most annoying thing that you can ever face from your ISP. All the above plugins can help you escape that speed throttling but, remember using VPN is not completely going to fix this. There are even ways that companies or ISPs can use to recognize the users who are using VPN and limit bandwidth again for them. You can read more about VPN blocking.

But don’t worry you will most of the time experience improvements in your Internet speed as compared with without VPN. You will always be able to access all the blocked websites easily through VPN plugins. There are other ways to use VPN that I’ll write an article for later on. If you’re using any other ways to unblock your limited bandwidth then please share with us and help Internet users.

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  1. magine this scenario: You get into your comfortable couch with a bowl of popcorn and turn on your smart TV for some good old Netflix binge-watching. However, the next thing you know, your video is taking ages to load and buffer.
    ISP throttling has also come into the limelight with the recent Net Neutrality debate. Internet users are concerned that if the existing Net Neutrality rules are abolished, ISPs would become the gatekeepers of the internet. They will be able to block or throttle sites or services, especially those that compete against their own.
    Bandwidth throttling by your ISP violates the very principles of Net Neutrality. However, since the rules are set to be overthrown on December 14, the best thing you can do for now is keep yourself informed about the situation, do whatever you can to record your protest against the repeal of Net Neutrality rules, and see what unfolds.

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