Most Interesting Websites on the Internet

Today’s topic is the Most Interesting Websites. The Internet is home to a lot of websites (maybe billions?). Among so many websites we are often confused about which websites should we visit when required ( or when we are getting bored). I compiled a list of few websites that I consider interesting and moreover awesome because the services they offer are really good among most other related websites. So, less talk and more work below is my list. As you can assume they are mostly related to IT stuff as our name implies. Take a look and have fun.

Most Interesting Websites



quora qna website

The first on my list is “Quora”. Why? Because here you will find a lot of interesting questions and answers. Almost every question you can think of might be already asked and answered in Quora. You can answer other people’s questions, ask questions, write blogs, take part in discussions, and many more. In short, it is really good. However, let me warn you that there can shitty spam questions and answers too (but mostly quora mod takes care of that).


reddit front page of internet

Also known as the front page of the internet, the famous website Reddit offers almost everything that you can imagine. From the latest news to cooking recipes, you can find almost everything on Reddit. A lot of good discussions take place on Reddit. Keep in mind that Reddit also happens to have some users who can troll you, speak ill but there are also users who help you. Also, you might find it’s UI a bit different and hard to use (than quora) but it packs a punch when it comes to its use.


xda developers homepage

So, do you own a smartphone or a smart tv or anything smart? Well, XDA-Developers is home to thousands (mostly more) of developers offering a lot of cool stuff for your device. From repairing devices to building an OS, you can find almost everything related to a software especially android on XDA-Developers. You can also find android booting on Nokia Lumia to custom ROMs, kernels, and a lot more. Pay them a visit who knows what your device can do?


udemy biggest mooc website

Do you love learning new things? If yes, then believe me “Udemy” has a lot of courses for you to choose from. Almost every course you want to learn can be found on this largest MOOC website. Udemy also offers heavy discounts on special occasions just like the recent Black Friday sale where almost every course was about $10. You can learn a lot of things and yes, most of the course offers a certificate of completion as well as lifetime access. Many courses also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


youtube best video platform

From movies to music, youtube is home to a lof YouTubers who constantly upload cool stuff on their channels. You can find your favorite fighting scene to cooking recipes for almost everything you can think of. You can watch movies, music, serials almost everything on youtube. You can also share your favorite clips on youtube by creating a channel. Nowadays almost I assume everyone knows and uses youtube. And when I say you can find almost how to do anything on youtube, I am serious. I learned whole android development as well as breaking locks on youtube.


wordpress most popular cms

Ever wondered to create your own website/blog? Well, I think WordPress is an awesome place for you to be. WordPress offers all the tools you may want to create and control a website with different plans (a free one is also available but there are certain limitations). You can also read other people’s blogs and interact with them. That’s really cool to read other adventures’ creations.


sourceforge homepage

SourceForge is an awesome place to find free software for almost every platform. You can download, use, share software without any legal worries. You can also share your own creation with the world for free on SourceForge. Isn’t it is awesome? Sourceforge offers high-speed downloads, no ads, and a nice user experience. You don’t need an id to download any software found on it.

And US

Yeah! You can count us on the list too 😉 as we brought you this list, much more awesome stuff on a regular basis for free in which you can comment, share, suggest other users better stuff and help the community to grow. We improve from your suggestions and help and bring you more and more awesome stuff and together we continue to evolve. Don’t forget to check out our other website LinuxAndUbuntu.

Feel free to give suggestions to improve this list in comments so other users can benefit and we can improve to bring you more awesome content. I will be happy to see what is your list of the most interesting websites.

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